Paranormal Romance/Fantasy NRH 7/8/18 – 7/14/18

This week’s paranormal romance highlights features 31 new books (holy new releases Batman! 😲). The titles with * are available on #KindleUnlimited. ✨📚Happy Reading! 📚✨

Sunday, 7/8
• Power Awakened* (The Feral Book 2) by Charlene Hartnady
• Prophecy Accepted* (Prime Prophecy Book 2) by Tamar Sloan

Monday, 7/9
• Ruthless Spirits by Sandy Wolters
• Endured* (Immortal Chronicles 5) by Samantha Britt

• Runes is Mortality* (A Demon’s Fall Book 2) – (RH) by G. Bailey
• Untainted Magic (The Light Realm Book 1) by Karen Dubose

Tuesday, 7/10
• Wicked Heat* – (RH) by Mila Young and T. F. Young
• Dragon Spirit: Blood Dragon #2 by Mac Flynn
• Ebony Slumbers* (The Envy of All Book 1) by Nova Blake

• Winter Kiss (The Dragonfire Novels Book 4) by Deborah Cooke
• Of Fire and Storm by D.G. Swank
• House of Leights* (Secret Keepers Book 3) by Jaymin Eve

• Bequeathed by Melinda Terranova
• Dark Tournament* (Touched Saga Spin Off) by Elisa S. Amore
• No Man of Woman Born (Rewoven Tales) by Ana Mardoll


• European Travel for the Monstrous Gentlewoman (The Extraordinary Adventures is the Athens Club Book 2) by Theodora Goss
• Bitches and Brawlers* (Steampunk Red Riding Hood Book 4) by Melanie Karsak

Wednesday, 7/11
• Awaken (The Dark Paradise Chronicles Book 1) by Isadora Brown
• Misfortune of Time (Druid’s Brooch Series #6) by Christy Nicholas

Thursday, 7/12
• Running with the Wolves by J.E. Reed
• Night (Hero Society Book 4) by Jessica Florence
• Dark Illusions* by D.D. Miers


• Cursed Hunter (Mates of the Realms: Mortals Book 2) – (RH) by Lacey Carter Andersen –
• Unexpected Agents* (Magical Arts Academy Book 3) by Lucia Ashta

Friday, 7/13
• Purify (Blood Persuasion Book 2) – (RH) by Wendi L. Wilson
• The Hex Files: Wicked Long Nights* (Mysteries from the Sixth Borough Book 2) by Gina Lamanna
• Aerisian Refrain* (Beyond the Sunset Lands Book 1) by Sarah Ashwood


• Shadow and Crow (Silver and Bone Book 3) by Claudia Cain
• The Fey Boon* by John Phythyon
• Rooms of Ruin (Blood of Isir Book 2) by Erik Henry Vick

Saturday, 7/14
• Arielle Rainbow* (Familiar Blessed Chronicles Book 1) by Yumoyori Wilson