Paranormal Romance/ Fantasy NRH – 7/15/18 – 7/21/18

This week’s paranormal romance highlights features 26 new books. The titles with * are available on #KindleUnlimited. ✨📚Happy Reading! 📚✨

Sunday, 7/15
• The Vampire Unleashed* (The Amarant Book 2) by Tricia Barr
• Dragon School* – Book 13: Dire Quest by Sarah K.L. Wilson – (X-Posted)
• Quiver of Cobras* (The Fractured Faery Book 2) by Helen Harper

Monday, 7/16
• Her Mercenary Harem* (RH) by Savannah Skye
• Black Spells and Twisted Souls (Grey Witch Series Book 1) by Cece Rose
• Heart of the Forest* (Arwn’s Gift Book 1) by Christina Quinn
• Kiss: The Frog Prince Retold (Romance a Medieval Fairytale Series Book 14) by Demelza Carlton
• Magpie’s Fall by Allison Pang

Tuesday, 7/17
• Phoenix Call (Ardere Series Book 4) by Margo Ryerkerk – (X-Posted)
• Grave Debt* (How to be a Necromancer Book 2) by D.D. Miers and Graceley Knox
• Sanyare: The Winter Warrior* (The Sanyare Chronicles Book 4) by Megan Haskell
• Nyxia Unleashed (The Nyxia Triad #2) by Scott Reintgen – (X-Posted)
• Temptation in Neon* by Peter Dawes
• Icon* – (RH) by Eliza Eveland

• Born Into Darkness* (Dark Reflections Book 1) by Mila Young
• The Wild Dead (Bannerless Saga Book 2) by Carrie Vaughn
• Veins of Gold by @Charlie N. Holmberg

Wednesday, 7/18
• The Gallery: The Special Exhibits by Megan Derr
• Bound to Gods* (Their Dark Valkyrie Book 2) – (RH) by Eva Chase
• Captured by Magic* (Dragon’s Gift: The Druid Book 4) by Lindsey Hall

Thursday, 7/19

• Consumed (The Vampire Awakenings Series Book 8) by Brenda K. Davies
• Revelations in Blood by Patricia D. Eddy
• Embers of Darkness* (Through the Ashes Book 2) by J.A. Culican

Friday, 7/20

• Circle of Fire (Seven Hells Book 1) by A. Vers
• Strength* (Curse of the Gods Book 4) by Jane Washington and Jaymin Eve

Saturday, 7/21
• Winter Goddess (Daughter of Winter Book 4) – (RH) by Skye Mackinnon