Cover Reveal: Whole Piece of My Heart by Danica Raimz

C O V E R  R E V E A L
The third book of the Awaken My Heart series is coming! The first two books introduce us to Ren and Galen and their unconventional love story and this third novella is set to make things even more interesting!

***Release Date: September 2, 2018***

Nothing makes Galen Zabriese happier than time with his soulmate, Ren Hayden. With his mother’s illness behind them and Ren’s career as a biographer showing great promise, he’s ready to propose — as soon as he thinks of the perfect way to do so. The life they want to build for themselves will be an uphill challenge at first but Gale is convinced it will be a smooth one.

Until the subject of Ren’s latest biography calls her into a negative spotlight.

Until his brother Dax, crosses a line.

Until Ren disappears.

Suddenly, instead of planning a proposal, Galen must risk everything to find Ren – including his moral compass.

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~Author Info~

Danica Raimz
If someone came forward to reveal to Danica Raimz that, a few years ago, she inadvertently slipped through a tear in the fabric of the universe and into a parallel universe, it would not surprise her the least little bit. In fact, she would welcome any explanation for her new life, new locale, and new way of seeing the world. If someone had told her she would be writing steamy romance … well, that would have flat-out shocked her. Still, if unwillingly uprooting your life and waiting for the dust to settle has any perks, the drive to rebel and regain control of your life on your own terms is one of them. Danica now loves to write the sort of romance where sex is the sweet, enticing, satisfying icing on the cake of relationships that are meant to be. A solid story, unique characters, true love, emotional rollercoasters, and steamy encounters are the hallmark of her work.

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