Spark of Intent by Harper Wylde and Quinn Arthurs

Overall: 4.5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐💫
Steam: 🔥🔥
Feels: 😥😏💖😲😩😱

~QD Story Details~
Tear jerker: No
Paranormal/Fantasy: Yes
Location: Alaska
Character age range: mid-20s
Lead: Nix (Phoenix shifter)
Love interest(s): 5 — Killian (Puca aka Bunny shifter), Theo (Kraken shifter), Ryder (Ceraptor aka Unicorn shifter), Hiro (Kitsune aka magical fox shifter), Damien (Gargoyle shifter)
HEA: No – Cliffhanger

~QD Book Info~
Kindle Unlimited: Yes
Audible: No
Series: Yes – Phoenix Rising Series — book 3
1. Born of Embers — released 01/31/18
2. Hidden in Smoke — released 03/31/18
3. Spark of Intent — released 08/28/18

~QD 🔥~
Sex/kink type: Penetrative, oral, manual
Possible triggers: Patriarchy, kidnapping, manipulation of children, misogyny, violence

Things are still a little tense since the incident with the Council and Michael (aka Henri) but Nix is slowly settling into shifter life with her men. That is until the Council comes poking around again, expecting her, as a rare shifter, to conform to societal rules. That means a debutante ball type gala where she’s presented to suitable “mates” despite her having already chosen (at least in her heart) several.  Throw in a botched attempt to confirm suspicions that the Council is corrupt, kidnappings, and Killian’s oddball and very mysterious brother and your jaw will be on the ground by the time you get to the last page.

Side note: To be clear, I am a HUGE fangirl of these books. This one I rated less than the last in the series because of editing not the story itself. I am not a skimmer — I read ALL the words and kept on having to stop because I kept finding typos or verb-tense issues which kind of ruined the vibe for me a little. Still a huge fan, I just felt like the editing might have been a little rushed on this one.


The things of nightmares haunt my dreams. Secrets lurk around every corner. The world I’ve entered isn’t all it seems, but as a newcomer, questioning the Council isn’t the safest move. Not when my guys are so entrenched in a world that I find dangerous. As Theo, Hiro, Ryder, Killian, Damien, and I try to find out how we fit together, we must also decide where we stand among the politics, class, and half-truths. While we each battle with our own demons, the ties that bind us together strain. With the Gala right around the corner and the Council’s rules threatening to break up my family, the arrival of a new shifter at our front door adds more stress—and more humor—to our already complicated lives. As everyone struggles to find where loyalties lie, we find that not everybody is who they appear to be. When the secrets around me turn deadly, will I let them break me or will they become my Spark of Intent?

*18+ Reverse Harem Romance. Warning this book contains scenes and references of abuse that some readers may find triggering. This book also contains some m/m themes.*



Harper Wylde is an emerging author who lives in the countryside of Pennsylvania. As a wife and a mother of two young children, she spends her days chasing after little people and making crazy notes about story ideas all over her home. As a serial entrepreneur, Harper also dabbles in photography and graphic design…but has found that her favorite occupation is the one she’s doing now–writing fantasy and paranormal romance. She loves coffee, cooking, chocolate covered pretzels, and characters with hidden strength and endearing flaws!


Quinn lives in temperamental Ohio. She is a book devotee, a caffeine addict, an absolute klutz, and a worn out mom. She tries desperately to squeeze out the crazy stories that are always playing in her head between constant emergencies at work and home. At least her kids are always a willing audience for her insane ramblings while they’re still little! Stalk her on Facebook at Quinn Arthurs; Arthurs’ Assembly; and Phoenix Rising: Nix’s Harem.