Eve of Eridu by Alanah Andrews

Overall: 4/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Steam: N/A – Clean – Kiss only
Feels: 😨😠💓😑🤔

Tear jerker: No
Paranormal/Fantasy: Yes
Location: Eridu
Character age range: Teen
Lead: Eve
Love interest(s): Sam
HEA: No – cliffhanger

Kindle Unlimited: Yes
Audible: No
Series: Yes –  series
1. Eve of Eridu – released 08/13/18

~QD 🔥~
Sex/kink type: N/A – Kiss only
Possible triggers: suppression of free will, unethical behavior

A disturbing look into a future where humans are required to suppress all emotion lest they be “culled” and put into the Grid (i.e. their spirits removed from their body and put into an electronic afterlife). The main character, Eve, is at the top of the leaderboard, acing all her exams and showing exceptional emotional restraint until the day her brother is culled, which triggers a violent storm of emotions. Will she still be able to pass the harvest (wherein she would be selected for a position as an adult) or will she be join her brother in the Grid? The book follows Eve through her journey in the aftermath of her emotional outburst, wherein we meet a cast of characters that includes a mysterious young man without the mandated emotion monitor and an architect that reveals secrets about Eve’s past that may just completely change the course of her life, and Eridu forever.

Alanah Andrews excels at complex world building, painting a vivid mental picture of a place that was at once thrilling and horrifying. My one qualm with the book was the pacing. It felt a little slow until the final third of the book, with the conclusion feeling rather rushed comparatively. I am anxious to know what happens next though, and with the cliffhanger leading us in a particular direction, I’m anticipating that the next book won’t have the same issue. Looking forward to reading it!

In a world where emotions are forbidden, what happens when you start to feel?

The harvest separates the worthy from the unworthy. Those who pass are destined to continue the human race, and the unworthy are culled.

For years, Eve has been the poster girl for emotional control. But ever since her brother was culled, Eve is finding it difficult to keep the monitor on her wrist an acceptable blue.

The next harvest ceremony is approaching and Eve will do whatever it takes to avoid the same fate as her brother.

Gripping and intriguing, Eve of Eridu explores the lengths that humans will go to in their quest for survival.

This YA dystopian novel is written by award winning speculative writer, Alanah Andrews.



Alanah Andrews grew up with a steaming mudpool in her back yard – so it’s no wonder that she writes speculative fiction! Alanah has won several awards for short stories, including the Avid Reader’s Flash Fiction Prize, Birdcatcher Books Short Story Award and Sweek Short Story Competition.

Her work has been published in anthologies such as Hammond House’s ‘Eternal,’ Lane Cove Literary Awards Anthology and Birdcatcher Books’ ‘Mosaic.’ Her writing has been recognised internationally, including being read aloud at LitFest Pasadena, California, as a finalist for the Roswell Award.

Alanah specialised in creative writing at Monash University where she studied a BA in Professional Communication. She also has a Master of Teaching and loves being able to foster a love of reading in her students. She currently teaches English in Australia.