Paranormal Romance / Fantasy New Release Highlights – 01/13/19 – 01/19/19

This week’s Paranormal Romance/Fantasy new release highlights features 45 books. The titles with * are available on #KindleUnlimited. (RH) = Reverse Harem. ✨📚Happy Reading! 📚✨

Sunday, 1/13
Harpy Redux (Ghost Hunters Mystery-Detective) by S. H. Marpel
The Harpy Saga: Sister Mine (Ghost Hunters Mystery-Detective) by S. H. Marpel
• Sea Witch and the Magician*: An Adult Fairytale Romance (Once Upon a Spell Book 7) by Vivienne Savage (@vivienne_savage_books)
• Pale Reunion: A WhyChoose Romance (The Rose Vampires Book 4) by 
Ivana Skye

Monday, 1/14
• A Hollow Cry (After Life Book 1) by Bee Douglas (@beedouglasbooks)
• Unforsaken (The Fallen Guardians Book 1) by Cassie Laelyn (@cassielaelyn)
• Magic In My Blood* (Lesser Magicks Book 3) by 
Kellie Sheridan (@snarkybird)
• Fire Possessed* (Twin Rivers Possession Book 1) by 
September Stone – RH
• Black Birds* (The Scarlet Dragon Saga Book 2) by 
J.P. Rice
• Claimed by a Dragon* (Fated Dragon Series Book 3 of 3) by 
Christina Wilder

Tuesday, 1/15
• Dragon Claimed by Donna Grant (@dgauthor)
• Succubus Heart* (Succubus Sirens Book 2) by 
Lina Jubilee (@linajubilee) – RH
• A Star Pilot’s Heart* (All the Stars in the Sky Book 1) by 
Eva Delaney (@evadelaneyauthor) and Vivi Clarke – RH
• Dragonstruck by 
Kathryn M. Hearst and Zodiac Shifters
• Legends of the Gem by 
J.D. Cunegan (@jdcuneganbooks)
• Marked by S. Andrew Swann (@s_andrew_swann)

No Claim* (The Alpha Brothers Book 2) by G. Bailey (@g._baileyauthor) – RH
• The Guardian* (The Faerie Wars Book 1) by Quinn Arthurs
• Whispers Beneath the Deep* (Royal Secrets Book 2) by 
Aleera Anaya Ceres (@aleera_ceres) – RH
• A Princess Rising (Rising Princess Book 5) by Odette C. Bell
• Brightshade* (Tales of Aether and Soul Book 1) by 
Miriam R. Dumitra (@artbymrd)
• Prodigy (The Giver of Life Trilogy: Book 3) by 
Kristy Centeno (@centenokristy)

• Ravik’s Mercy* (Braxians Book 2) by 
Regine Abel (@abel.regine)
• Phoenyx Falling* (The Phoenyx Series Book 2) by 
Daisy St. James (@authordaisyst.james)
• The Flame Queen* (The Legends of Peradon Book 1) by 
Dax Munro (@dax_loves_fiction)
• Vexed (The Blood Court Book 1) by Dagmar Avery and 
K. Margaret (@kmargaret79)
• Apathy’s Hero (Truth’s Harem Book 3) by 
Allyson Lindt (@allysonlindt) – RH
• Her Pack* by 
Candace Wondrak (@candacewondrak) – RH

Wednesday, 1/16
• Daughter of Fate and Misfortune (Living Dead World Book 3) by Nessie Strange
• Brimstone Nightmares* (Queen of the Damned Book 4) by 
Kel Carpenter (@authorkelcarpenter)
Demon Rogue* (Brimstone Magic Book 3) by Tori Centanni (@toricentanni)
• From Darkness* (Fallen Into Shadows Book One) by 
Imani L. Hawkins (@imanilhawkinsauthor)
• A Twist of Fate* (True Mates Generations Book 1) by Alicia Montgomery

Thursday, 1/17
• The Summoner’s Path* (D’Vaire, Book 10) by Jessamyn Kingley
• Siren Awakened* (The Cursed Seas Collection) by Elle Middaugh (@ellemiddaugh)
Shadow Walker* (Bloody Hearts Book 1) by Anya J Cosgrove 
Kings of Ash* (Ash and Sand Book 2) by Richard Nell
• Wolf Hunted* (Northern Creatures Book 4) by 
Kris Austen Radcliffe (@kris.austen.radcliffe)

Friday, 1/18
• Deadlands* (The Corvin Chance Chronicles: Book 3) by N. P. Martin and MJ Kraus
• Amria* (Cursed Hearts Book 2) by 
Meg Anne (@megannewrites) and Jessica Wayne (@authorjessicawayne)
• Incrusted*: Thicker than blood (Werepire Reverse Harem Romance Book 3) by Annora Wilson (@annora)wilson)
• The Ember Isles* (Blood Magic: Book 4) by JT Lawrence (@pulp_junkie) and MJ Kraus
Silk & Steel (Silk and Steel Book 1) by Ariana Nash and Pippa DaCosta (@pippadacosta)

Saturday, 1/19

• Interview with the Werewolf*: A #Flareborne Universe Novella by C.J. Strange
Wish For Me* (Destiny Jinn Series Book 2) by Yumoyori Wilson (@yumoyoriauthor)