Paranormal Romance / Fantasy New Release Highlights – 05/13/19 – 05/19/19

This week’s Paranormal Romance/Fantasy new release highlights features 77 books. (RH) = Reverse Harem. Happy Reading!

Monday 5/13
• Warrior of Darkness: Dark Hunter by Ava K Michaels
• Forever Kept (Vampire Brides) by Patricia D. Eddy
• Kissed by Wildfire: A Dark Academy Romance (The Cimmerian Cage Book 1) by Cate Corvin
• Morphed (Two Halves Book 2) by Lacey Silks
• The Brightest Embers (A Broken Destiny Novel Book 3) by Jeaniene Frost
• Mercy Killer (Wings of Justice Book 1) by T S Paul

Her Wolves: A Reverse Harem Romance by Candace Wondrak
• Harley Merlin 8: Harley Merlin and the Challenge of Chaos by Bella Forrest
• Soul Possessed: A Reverse Harem Urban Fantasy Adventure (Twin Rivers Possession Book 3) by September Stone

Tuesday, 5/14
• Ethereal: The Light in the Shadow by Zoe Knights
• Borderland: (The Sleeping Court Short Story) by Dagmar Avery, K. Margaret
• Tails Always Wins by C.A. King
• Outcast (Shifter Academy) by Jesse Booth
• Burned (The Rebirth Series Book 3) by Becca Vincenza and Covers by Christian
• The King of Clubs 3 (Undercity Chronicles Book 7) by Savannah Skye

• The Silver Mist (Wild Hunt Book 6) by Yasmine Galenorn
• His Witch Vix (Paranormal Protectorate Book 2) by Rebecca Airies
• Seducing Her Vikings (Norsemen Academy Book 3) by Skye MacKinnon
• Shadows in the Mist (Booke of the Hidden Book 3) by Jeri Westerson
• Dragon Spell (Fated Touch Book 1) by Mac Flynn
• Queen Takes Darkness: Helayna (Their Vampire Queen Book 8) by Joely Sue Burkhart

• Uprising: Dark Horizons 1 (Eternally Mated Book 7) by Valerie Twombly
• A Symphony of Howls (Of Wolves and Woods Book 1) by St. Crowe, Val
• The Demon You Trust (Magical Elite #1) by S.A. Bayne and Stephanie Rowe
• Free the Dark (Elwood Legacy Book 3) by Nicola Rose

• Reclamation: A Zombie Apocalypse Reverse Harem (Revel and Rot Series Companion Novella) by Ellabee Andrews
• Butterfly Ops: Book 3 (Butterfly Ops Trilogy ) by Jen Doyle
• Into the Madness: A Reverse Harem Series (The Villainous Wonderland Series Book 1) by A.K. Koonce
• Cursed Ice: Paranormal Fantasy (Ice Dragons Book 2) by Ann Gimpel

Wednesday, 5/15
• The Illusions In Between: The Last Wizard: #3 by J.M. Robison
• Tales & Dreams (Lost Time Academy Book 2) by G. Bailey
• Blue Mage: Equinox (Tournament of Mages Book 2) by Cleave Bourbon
• Forever Still (Vampire Brides) by Corinne O’Flynn
• Coven’s End: Voss (Coven’s End Series Book 2) by Lia Davis and L.A. Boruff

• Clock City (Realm of Elestra Book 2) by Rebekah Dodson
• The Five Awaken (The Kingdoms of the Core Book 1) by Shawn A. Dressler , Joemel Requeza,
• Episode 3: Mafia Gods Paranormal Reverse Harem: The Curse of Ra (Mafia God Serials) by Cleo Fox
• Born to Darkness: A Dark Sword & Sorcery Fantasy (Black Throne, Black Blood Book 1) by Autumn M. Birt
• Manicures and Mayhem (Beautiful Beasts Academy Book 1) by Kim Faulks and Mila Young

• Hook: A Reverse Harem Romance (Neverland In Chaos Book 2) by JB Trepagnier
• Reign of Ruin by Jennifer Bene
• Blood Ties (Out of the Box Book 25) by Robert J. Crane

Thursday, 5/16
• Smoke in the Glass: Immortals’ Blood Book One by Chris Humphreys
• No Ordinary Drakeling (D’Vaire, Book 12) by Jessamyn Kingley
• Hecate: The Wronged (Gods & Monsters Book 2) by JJ King
• Prophecy Girl (The Five Orders Book 1) by Holly Roberds
• Doormaker: Library of Souls (Book 3) by Jamie Thornton
• A Turn of Pandemonium (Cirque du Shadow Book 1) by Miranda Brock

• Love Conquers All Evil: Soul Catcher #4 by Mary Abshire
• Forever (The immortal vampire series Book 1) by Dora Blume
• Cursed Souls: A Witch Romance (Bloody Hearts Book 3) by Anya J Cosgrove
• Redemption (Moonchild Book 3) by Kate L. Mary
• Beauty In Darkness (Royal Hearts Book 1) by Elizabeth Briggs
• Spark (Academy of Unpredictable Magic Book 1) by Sadie Moss

Announced after posting – Broken Trust by Jaymin Eve and Tate James

Friday, 5/17
• Tales from the Skies by Katherine McIntyre
• Fortune Favors the Cruel (Dark Maji Book 1) by Kel Carpenter and Lucy Smoke
• Court of Shadows: A Sword & Sorcery Epic Fantasy (Chronicles of Pelenor Book 2) by Meg Cowley
• Defending Their Bond (Crescent Edge Pack Book 2) by L.N. Manning and Angie Martin
• Fallen Elemental (Elemental Series Book 1) by Tamara White and Rachel Mowry
• Moonlight Magic: A Reverse Harem Shifter Romance (The Witch and the Wolf Pack Book 9) by K.R. Alexander

• Death Wish (Reaper Reborn Book 1) by Harper A. Brooks
• Claiming Death (Changer Series Book 2) by A.C. Wilds
Rosie (Djinn Rebellion Book 4) by Jessica Cage
• Beneath Cruel Fathoms (The Bitter Sea Trilogy Book 1) by Anela Deen
• Spellcrest Academy by Michael Pierce
• Crime and Punishment: Great Falls Academy, Episode 2 by Alex Lidell

• Seduced by Myths: A Mythical Paranormal and Fantasy Anthology by C.R. Jane , Mila Young

Saturday, 5/18
• Sol: The True Self by Joshua Chou
• First Queen of the Gryphons (Ishtar’s Legacy Book 5) by Lisa Blackwood
• The Valkyrie’s Promise: Paranormal Reverse Harem (Beyond the Veil Book 4) by Trina Bates, Duffette DesignsIt, et al.
• Night Surrender (Night Wolves Book 3) by Godiva Glenn
• Claiming Her Dragons: A Paranormal Reverse Harem (Hot Addictions Book 2) by Georgia Carter Mathers , Sanja Gombar, et al.

Sunday, 5/19
• Cursed Prince (Lord of the Ocean Book 1) by Jade Kerrion
Princess in Exile (Queenmakers Saga Book 3) by Bernadette Rowley
• DARK SWAN: A Dark Paranormal Romance (Shattered Souls Series Book 1) by Yumoyori Wilson