Young Adult New Release Highlights – 07/15/19 – 07/21/19

This week’s Young Adult new release highlights features 28 new books. Happy Reading!

Monday 7/15
– Chosen for Song, Volume 1 (Chosen Academy 4) by Delia Stewart – RH
– Everlasting Violet: Everlasting Magic (Tangled Realms Series Book 3) by Jessica Sorensen
– The Source of Magic (Academy of Falling Kingdoms Series Book 1) by Marisa Mills and Drake Mason
– Olivia and the Older Boy (Love in Ocean Grove Book 5) by Anna Catherine Field

Tuesday 7/16
– Within Ash and Stardust (The Xenith Trilogy Book 3) by Chani Lynn Feener
– In the Woods by Carrie Jones and Steven E. Wedel
– Adaptive (The Elite Trials Book 2) by Becky Moynihan
– Falling for the Rich Boy (Boys of Summer) by Yesenia Vargas 
– Just My Luck by Jennifer Honeybourn
– The Infinite Noise Sneak Peek by Lauren Shippen

– Bad Prince by KM Pyne
– Blood is Silent by K.M. Robinson
– Blood Magic (The Shadow Army Trilogy Book 2) by M.A. Nichols
– Game of Bezique by Elle Beaumont
– Supernatural Academy: Junior Witch by Ingrid Seymour and Katie French
– Viking Academy: Viking Conspiracy by S.T. Bende

Wednesday 7/17
– Lost Whisperer of the Seas (The Windborne Book 3) by Laurel Wanrow
– The Secret of Magic (Academy of Falling Kingdoms Book 2) by Marisa Mills and Drake Mason
– The Black Veins (Dead Magic Book 1) by Ashia Monet
– Into the Wildbarrens (The Gems of Elsana Book 1) by Christian Sterling
– Awaken: The Alora Chronicles Prequel by Lara Wynter

Thursday 7/18
– Cursed Beauty (Fantasy and Fairytales Book 7) by M. Lynn
– Machine-Gun Girls (The Juniper Wars Book 2) by Aaron Michael Ritchey

Friday 7/19
– Dark Angel (Shadow and Light Book 6) by Kim Richardson
– City of Wishes 6: The Everafter Wish by Rachel Morgan

Saturday 7/20
– Constellation: Waypoint Series Book 2 by Deborah Adams and Kimberley Perkins
– The Means That Make Us Strangers by Christine Kindberg

Sunday 7/21
– Failed Future (Air Awakens: Vortex Chronicles Book 3) by Elise Kova