Paranormal Romance / Fantasy New Release Highlights – 07/29/19 – 08/04/19

This week’s Paranormal Romance/Fantasy new release highlights features 72 books. (RH) = Reverse Harem. Happy Reading!

Monday 7/29
– Dancing with Demons (The Beginner’s Guide to Selling Your Soul Book 1) by J.P. Rice
– The Truth of Her (Beyond Veils Book 2) by Rachel Davidson
– Guardian of Latovia (Valla Series Book 3) by Anna Rezes
– Wild Fire (Wardens Series Book 3) by Heather D. Glidewell
– The Rogue King (Inferno Rising Book 1) by Abigail Owen

– Black and Blue (Red and Black Book 2) by Nancy O’Toole Meservier
– Hearts of Blood (Chevalier Book 2) by Kay Doherty
– Two Deals (Blackwell Djinn) by Nikki Kardnov
– No Fox to Give (Swan Lake Mates Book 1) by Vivienne Savage and Domino Taylor
– Submerged (Dance of the Elements Book 2) by A.M. Deese

Tuesday 7/30
– The Body of the Beasts by Audrée Wilhelmy and Susan Ouriou
– Angel Awaken: Book Two Time Keeper Series by Cayce Poponea
– Lycos (Guardian Security Shadow World Book 3) by Kris Michaels
– Marked: Warfare and Sin City (Marked City Book 4) by Sylvia Day and S. J. Day
– Ice & Bone (The Others Book 2) by Kali Rose Schmidt
– Knightmare: Nate Temple Series Book 12 by Shayne Silvers

– Granted by the Beast (Conduit Series Book 4) by Rebecca Hamilton and Conner Kressley
– The Spider (Under the Northern Sky Book 2) by Leo Carew
– Break the Day: A Midnight Breed Novel (The Midnight Breed Series) by Lara Adrian
– The Rogue King (Inferno Rising Book 1) by Abigail Owen
– Kiss of the Red Scorpion by Suzan Tisdale , Genevieve Jack , Kathryn – Lynn Davis, T.M. Cromer, K.C. Bateman, Sara Whitney
– Demons at Dusk (Shaded Falls Book 4) by E.J. King

– Queen of All (The Masks of Under Book 6) by Kathryn Ann Kingsley
– Paranormal Misdirection (Sasha Urban Series Book 5) by Dima Zales and Anna Zaires
– Stupid Cupid (Operation Cupid Book 4) by Skyler Andra and Mila Young – RH
– Tales & Darkness (Lost Time Academy Book 3) by G. Bailey
– The Wizardess (The Sorcerer’s Oath Book 4) by Jennifer Ealey
– A Traitor in the Shadows: Shards of Shadow Book 1 by Joseph Lallo

– Phobos (Cupid’s Captive Series Book 2) by Eva Pohler
– The Ascent to Godhood (The Tensorate Series Book 4) by JY Yang
– Brave the Tempest (Cassie Palmer Book 9) by Karen Chance
– Embraced by Embers: Phoenix on the Rise (Untamed Elements Book 3) by Kasey Mackenzie
– Forbidden Dance (Crimson Shadow Book 3) by Nathan Squiers
– One Last Breath (Conjuring A Coroner Book 5) by S.C. Stokes

Wednesday 7/31 
– 1976: The Seven Book Six by Sarah M. Cradit
– A Shard of Amber Light (Unbroken Book 1) by S.M. Baker
– Ruin (Fire & Blood Book 1) by Alexa B James and Covers by Combs
– The Loyal Within: Book Three by A.M. Hughes
– Wanted by Karpov Kinrade
– Risorgimento: Rebirth (New Blood Rising series Book 1) by Maya Daniels

– Heart of the Enemy by Tilly Hart
– Rise of the Shieldmaiden (The Shieldmaiden’s Tale Book 1) by Jaime Loughran
– The Darkness that Defines Us (The Dark Dimension Book 2) by Brooke Hodge
– Under a Broken Moon by Ben Marble

– Rise: A Dark Half Novel by Brea Viragh
– A Witch in Time: True Mates Generations Book 4 by Alicia Montgomery
– Demonic Intentions (Soulchester Chronicles Book 2) by Eve Neveling
– Royals of Villain Academy 3: Sinister Wizardry by Eva Chase

Thursday 8/1
– Shafira: A Baka Djinn Chronicles Prequel (The Baka Djinn Chronicles Book 0) by J F Mehentee
– The Seal: Book 1 of the Baka Djinn Chronicles by J F Mehentee
– The Duke and I: The Princess of Blackmare by Veronica Skye
– Feast of Sparks (Thornchapel Book 2) by Sierra Simone
– Map Of Plagues (Mapwalkers Book 2) by J.F. Penn
– Clockwork Heart by Mandy Rosko

– Elemental Fae Academy: Book One by Lexi C. Foss and J.R. Thorn – RH
– Fae Hunter: Semester 2 (Slayer Academy) by Amelia Shaw
– To Stop A Fae (Monster Hunter Tales Book 2) by Shannon McRoberts and Tiya Marshall
– Empire of Embers (The Lost Queen of Althea Book 3) by Rachel Medhurst

– A Raven Lost: Reclaiming Magic – Book 2 by M.W. Horses
– Restrike: (Lycan Academy of Shapeshifting: Operation Shift, Book 2) by Shawn Knightley
– Hybrid Academy: Year One by L.C. Mortimer

Friday 8/2 
– Black Mark (The Black List Book 1) by Katherine Hazen
– Legend Undone (Legends and Shadows Saga Book 1) by Angie Day
– The Lionheart (The Harbinger Book 4) by Candace Wondrak
– Death Trap (Reaper Reborn Book 2) by Harper A. Brooks
– Blazing Petals (The Anomaly Series Book 2) by Aster North
– The Order: Insurrection by T.L. McVey

– Dungeons and Dreamers: Great Falls Academy, Episode 5 by Alex Lidell
– SSS: Year Three (Supernatural Spy School Book 3) by Yumoyori Wilson

Saturday 8/3
– The Water Bear by Groucho Jones

Sunday 8/4
– Heart of Darkness (Dark Secrets Book 8) by Angela M Hudson
– Oath Bound: A SkinWalker Novel #8: A DarkWorld Universe Series (DarkWorld: SkinWalker) by T.G Ayer