Young Adult New Release Highlights – 07/29/19 – 08/04/19

This week’s Young Adult new release highlights features 48 new books. Happy Reading!

Monday 7/29
– High Treason (The High Stakes Saga Book 5) by Casey Bond
– Sparrowood Academy (Book 3) by Angel Lawson
– Spellwood Academy by Kate Avery Ellison
– Elevated: Book Six in the Manipulated Series by Harper North
– The Garden (Shelfbrooke Academy) by Amy Sparling

Tuesday 7/30
– Finding Me by Kelly Gunderman
– Truly Madly Royally (Point) by Debbie Rigaud
– Spark (An Ink Novel) by Alice Broadway
– Fall: A High School Bully Romance (Sunset Beach High Book 1) by McKayla Box
– The Surface Breaks by Louise O’Neill
– The Year They Fell by David Kreizman

– Shatter the Sky by Rebecca Kim Wells
– The Curse of the Midnight Voyage (Desert Nights Book 6) by Elm Vince
– Spellcaster Academy: Magical Realism, Episode 1 by Jenetta Penner
– Untameable: Haven Falls (Book 3) by Sheridan Anne
– Song of Destiny (The Sirens Call Series Book 1) by Kris Faryn
– The Merciful Crow (The Merciful Crow Series Book 1) by Margaret Owen

– A Dark Destiny (The Shadow Army Trilogy Book 3) by M.A. Nichols
– A Pack of Love and Hate (The Boulder Wolves Book 3) by Olivia Wildenstein
– Mage’s End (Mages of New York Book 3) by Sean Fletcher
– Magnetic Chemistry (Evolutionary Romance Book 3) by Sarah Biglow
– The Witch Born to Ignite (Inferno Book 1) by Tanya Milne
– Wild Horse by Kyle Richardson

Wednesday 7/31
– Broken Legacy: A Dark High School Romance (Dark Legacy Book 3) by Jaymin Eve and Tate James

Thursday 8/1
– Darkblood Academy: Book Two: Supernatural Slayer Squad by G.K. DeRosa
– Brayden’s Darkness (Darkness Series Book 1) by S.L. Abbott
– Cursed Academy (Year Two) by Holly Hook
– Magical Creatures Academy 3: Mage Shifter by Lucia Ashta
– Starspell: The Vale of Stars Book 2 by Hailey Griffiths
– A Hope for Joy (The Adven Trilogy Book 2) by Kathleen Bird

– The Paranormal Playbook (League of the Paranormal) by Vanessa Lanang
– Ever Alice by H.J. Ramsay
– Catching Cinders (A Mark of the Least Novel) by Kendra Merritt

– Haven: Elixir of Life: (Haven Series Book 3) by D.C. Akers
– UNTouched (Bay Falls High Book 1) by Jaxson Kidman
– We Thought We Were Invincible by Michelle MacQueen
– The Language of the Son by Laura Moe

– Team Player (AI High) by Jeffrey Pratt
– Star-Crossed (AI High) by Loren Bailey
– Family Ties (AI High) by Sarah Richman
– Detained (AI High) by Claire Ainslie

Friday 8/2
– Destined (Desolation Book 3) by Ali Cross
– The Secrets of Arcane Kingdom by K.B. Weber
– Moon Reign: A Fallen Star by M. Wednesday
– Zodiac Academy: The Awakening (Supernatural Bullies and Beasts Book 1) by Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti
– Finding Kai (The Godseeker Duet Book 2) by David A. Willson
– Dirty Revenge: A High School Bully Romance (Hawthorne Holy Trinity Book 3) by Eden Beck

Saturday 8/3
– Winged Fate (A Demon Blood Novel Book 2) by Kira Moericke
– The Tracker Hive Academy: Year Two (Jade Storm Tracker Series Book 2) by Avery Song