Paranormal Romance / Fantasy New Release Highlights – 08/05/19 – 08/11/19

This week’s Paranormal Romance/Fantasy new release highlights features 39 books. (RH) = Reverse Harem. Happy Reading!

Monday 8/5

  • The Lunam Legacy (The Lunam Series Book 3) by Nicole Loufas
  • Death Ruins (Changer Series Book 3) by A.C. Wilds
  • The Marked Prince (The Darkest Court Book 2) by M.A. Grant

Tuesday 8/6

  • Magebane (The Age of Dread Book 3) by Stephen Aryan
  • Fringe Benefits: Stranger Magics, Book Five by Ash Fitzsimmons
  • The Dragon Republic (The Poppy War Book 2) by R. F. Kuang
  • Blood of an Exile (Dragons of Terra Book 1) by Brian Naslund
  • The Gossamer Mage by Julie E. Czerneda
  • Immortal Scotsman (Immortal Protectors Book 3) by H.M. McQueen

  • Crown of Blood: Book of Sindal (Book Sindal 3) by D.G. Swank, Alessandra Thomas
  • Control of Five (Origins of the Six Series Book 2) by A.K. Koonce and Aleera Anaya Ceres – RH
  • Dead End (Chronicles of Deadworld Book 4) by Debbie Cassidy
  • Dark Saints Academy: The Soul Catcher by S McPherson
  • Dark Alpha’s Redemption (Reapers Book 8) by Donna Grant
  • Summoned (Darkness Cursed Book 2) by Zoey Woods

Wednesday 8/7

  • The Devil Who Would Be King by Betty Banks
  • Mechanical Heart by Sarah Pennington
  • Immortal Hunter (Vampire Mates) by Patricia D. Eddy

Thursday 8/8

  • Four Kinds of Cursed (The True and the Crown Book 4) by May Dawson
  • The Forgotten Ward (Asylum Savants Book 3) by Jennifer Rose McMahon
  • Heaven’s Fury (Pandorax Academy Book 2) by Ember Hollis – BR
  • Hunter Trials (The Vampire Legacy Book 2) by Rita Stradling
  • Widow’s Welcome (Tales of Fenest Book 1) by D.K. Fields
  • Captive of the Dragons by Liv Brywood and Aria Hunt

  • The Heat of the Dragon’s Heart (Harem of Fire Book 2) by Willa Hart – RH
  • Starseeker: Valka Chronicles Book 2 by S.A. McClure

Friday 8/9

  • Immortal Bite (Vampire Mates) by Andie M. Long
  • Candy Land (Hidden Gem Book 3) by Lissa Kasey
  • Siren’s Call (Dylan Rivers Chronicles Book 2) by Richard Amos
  • Prophecy’s Child: Book 2 of the Broken Throne Saga by Jamie Davis
  • Heir of the Fae (Dragon’s Gift: The Dark Fae Book 2) by Linsey Hall
  • Obliteration (Facets of Feyrie) by Zoe Parker

Saturday 8/10

  • The Divide Series: War by Magdalene Asante
  • Thicker Than Blood (the Magicians Book 3) by Lindsey Richardson
  • Cursed To Crave (Feathers & Fire Book 2) by Loxley Savage – RH
  • Castle of Power (Mending Magic Series Book 4) by W.J. May

Sunday 8/11

  • Underworld (Dark Secrets Book 9) by Angela M Hudson
  • Dark Dancer (Rosie O’Grady’s Paranormal Bar and Grill Book 3) by BR Kingsolver
  • DARK SWAN: A Dark Paranormal Romance (Shattered Souls Series Book 2) by Yumoyori Wilson