Paranormal Romance / Fantasy New Release Highlights – 08/12/19 – 08/18/19

This week’s Paranormal Romance/Fantasy new release highlights features 39 books.  Abbreviation Legend: RH = Reverse Harem, A = Academy Series, BR = Bully Romance Series.

Happy Reading!

Monday 8/12
• The Queen of Spades 3 (Undercity Chronicles Book 10) by Savannah Skye
• Altered: The Made Ones Saga Book 1 by Vicki Stiefel
• Deadsweep (Tne Return To Erda Book 2) by Beca Lewis
• Archdruid (Rogues of Magic Book 2) by Tiffany Shand
• Fatebound (Mortality Bound Book 1) by Ramy Vance and S. W. Clarke
• Immortal Bloodlines (Vampire Mates) by Jessica Cage

Tuesday 8/13
• Serve (The Phoenix Night Shift Book 2) by Laura Wylde – RH
• Dark Unicorn (Horn Sworn Book 1) by Taylor Haiden and Angela Kulig
• Frost: Frost Boarding House 2 by Joanna Reeder – A
• Blood Truth (Black Dagger Legacy Book 4) by J.R. Ward
• Soul Goblet (Legends of the Fallen Book 7) by J.A. Culican and H.M. Gooden
• Pricked by Scott Mooney

• Way of the Wolf: Retribution (The Wulvers Series Book 2) by Rebecca Anne Stewart
• Awake The Cullers: Birth Of Heroes, Rise Of Monsters (Ondar Series Book 2) by Amanda Young and Raymond Young Jr.
• Wild Hunt (Academy of the Gods Book 2) by River Ramsey – A/BR
• Full Moon’s Fate: A Collection of Lupinski Clan Short Stories & Novellas by Emmy Gatrell
• Magic and Mayhem by Arizona Tape , Margo Bond Collins, Ivy Hearne, Laura Greenwood , L.A. Boruff, Catherine Banks, Lili Zander, Joely Sue Burkhart, Quinn Arthurs, Nikki Landis, May Dawson, Keira Blackwood, Liza Street, Grace White, Bethany Jadin, Tabitha Barret, Cecilia Randell, Jaliza A. Burwell, Gina Wynn – A

Wednesday 8/14
• The Crystal Wood (Half-Breed Book 2) by Brittany Comeaux
• Unconvincing Lies (The Bright Path Book 2) by Benjamin Birney
• A Tainted Light (After Life series Book 2) by Bee Douglas

Thursday 8/15
• The Condemner: Book Three Of The Temple Of Empia Saga by M.C.Glan
• Walkers & Wardens: A Realm Walker Short Story Collection by Kathleen Collins
• A Shade of Vampire 79: A Game of Death by Bella Forrest
• Blaze of Wrath (Phoenix Rising Book 5) by Harper Wylde and Quinn Arthurs – RH
• Royally Charmed by Lea Jade
• Ruled by the Princess (Realm of the Chosen Book 3) by Sadie Waters – RH

• Hunt (Academy of Unpredictable Magic Book 5) by Sadie Moss
• Wonderland Guardian Academy: The Full Series of Urban Fairy Tales by Pauline Creeden – A
• Moon Dancer (Moon Blind Book 2) by Aimee Easterling
• No Rest for the Wicked (University of Morgana: Academy of Enchantments and Witchcraft Book 3) by Emma Dean – A/RH
• Ivy: Evolution Academy by Autumn Stone

Friday 8/16
• Flirting With Death (Havenwood Falls Sin & Silk Book 12) by Nadirah Foxx
• Dark Pact (Her Dark Guardians Book 1) by Alana Serra – RH
• School of Broken Hearts: Academy of Souls Book 2 by C.R. Jane and Mila Young – A
• A Spell for Shadows: Rosewilde Academy of Magical Arts by Marie Robinson and B.C. Palmer – A
• Inferno (Heritage of Fire Book 3) by Emma L. Adams
• Immortal Darkness (Vampire Mates) by Lisa Manifold

Saturday 8/17
• WOLF BONDED (Finding My Pack Series Book 2) by Yumoyori Wilson
• Vampire Academy: Book Two: Academy of Secrets by JL Rivers – A
• Call of the Siren (Obsidian Cove Supernatural Academy Book 1) by Jarica James – A
• Fortune Academy: Year One by J.R. Thorn – A

Sunday 8/18
• Unicorn Academy: Semester Two by Yumoyori Wilson – A
• Amber (Safe Haven Wolves Book 9) by Sherry Foster
• LOVE: The Saga of Eros and Psyche by Gui Fleury