Paranormal Romance / Fantasy New Release Highlights – 08/26/19 – 09/01/19

This week’s Paranormal Romance/Fantasy new release highlights features 56 books.

Legend: A = Academy Books, BR = Bully Romance, D = Dystopian RH = Reverse Harem, RT = Retelling

Monday 8/26
• Wishful Thinking (How To Be The Best Damn Faery Godmother In The World (Or Die Trying) Book 1) by Helen Harper
• A Vampire’s Battle (Rouen Chronicles Book 9) by Raven Steele and Ava Mason
• Song of Shadow (Ballad of Emerald and Iron Book 1) by Natalya Capello
• Second Time’s A Curse (Grimalkin Academy: Kittens Book 2) by Laura Greenwood – A

• The Sabaoth’s Arrow: Book 2 of the Baka Djinn Chronicles by J F Mehentee
• City of Daevas: Book 3 of the Baka Djinn Chronicles by J F Mehentee
• The Caster’s Opus (The Caster Prophecy Book 2) by LaVerne Lewis

Tuesday 8/27
• Dark Sun Rising (The Continuous War Book 1) by K.M. Martinez
• The Key To Eternity by Simone Beaudelaire
• The Keeper’s Retribution: A Chosen Novel (The Keepers Book 2) by Meg Anne
• Kingdom Fall (The Duality Series Book 2) by Cleo Fox – RH
• Capture (The Cure Book 1) by Sandra Carmel
• The Blacksmith Queen (The Scarred Earth Saga Book 1) by G.A. Aiken

• Doormaker: The One Door (Book 4) by Jamie Thornton
• Wonderland Academy: Book One by Melanie Karsak – A
• Finding Jaslynn by C.L. Riley – RH/RT
• Blood King (Spirit Seeker Book 1) by Amber K. Bryant
• Bloodbound (Mortality Bound Book 3) by Ramy Vance and S. W. Clarke

Wednesday 8/28
• Of Witches & Werewolves (Arcanum Academy of The Darling Dreadfuls) by Rae Stapleton and Daphne McDevitt – A
• Forbidden Love: Semester 2 (Slayer Academy Book 3) by Amelia Shaw – A
• Royals of Villain Academy 4: Horrid Charms by Eva Chase – A
• Hades Academy: Second Semester by Abbie Lyons – A

• The Trouble With Magic (The Elemental Witch Series Book 1) by Tania Hutley and Trudi Jaye
• Harley Merlin 11: Finch Merlin and the Lost Map by Bella Forrest
• Immortal Skye (Vampire Mates) by K.L. Bone
• Until My Dying Day (Conjuring A Coroner Book 6) by S.C. Stokes

Thursday 8/29
• Vengeance of the Witch (Bloodworth Family Book 1) by Leigh Hatchmann
• Rising Alpha (The Fated Mates Series Book 1) by Jen L. Grey
• Knights of Arcanum Academy by Bella Holiday and Nicole Marie – A
• Light Warrior (Chronicles of the Light Book 6) by Chris Stoneheart

Friday 8/30
• Broken (Hellfire Academy Book 2) by Alice Wilde – BR/A
• Crimson Eyes (Kouzlo Saga Book 1) by L.L. McNeil
• As the Crow Flies (The Unsylum Series) by Zoe Parker
• Immortal Protector: Vampire Mates by Alice K. Wayne
• A Secret Tie: The King and the Spy by Summerita Rhayne
• Wanted by Karpov Kinrade

• Bound by Passion (The Alliance Book 4) by Brenda K. Davies
• Purrfect Magic (Whisker Witchcraft Book 1) by Samantha Coville
• Shadows and Souls (Eve Williams Book 3) by Ashley Beasley
• The Bloodwood Academy Shifter: Semester One by Rae Foxx – A
• Alaskan Bones: Shadows of Alaska Book 2 by CC Dragon

• Daybreak’s Fall (The Queen of Ruin Book 2) by Corinn Heathers
• Envy (Surviving The Sins Book 6) by C.A. King
• Soulbound (The Republic Book 4) by Archer Kay Leah
• Vampire Court: Black Knight by Ingrid Seymour
• Frost Legacy: Ascension (Frost Legacy Series Book 3) by Jennifer Reed
• Monsters (Vengeance Book 3) by M. Sinclair

Saturday 8/31
• Bully (The Academy Of Lies Book 1) by Atlas Rose – BR/A
• Daughter of Death (Death Family Drama Book 1) by Courtney West
• A Lover’s Worth (Spawn of Darkness Book 3) by S.A. Parker
• Midnight Torment: (Midnight Pack Wolf Shifter Romance – Book 3) by L Ann
• Under the Lies (The Villainous Wonderland Series Book 3) by A.K. Koonce – RH

• Reaping Willow (Trappers, Inc. Book 1) by D.N. Hoxa
• Enlightened by Magic (Guardians of Magic Book 2) by Elena Gray and Kelli McCracken – RH
• My Fair Princess: Allies Of The Fae Realm (Paranormal Misfits Book 5) by C. J. Anaya
• Goddess Wars (Goddess Academy Book 4) by Clara Hartley – A