Paranormal Romance / Fantasy New Release Highlights – 09/30/19 – 10/06/19

This week’s Paranormal Romance/Fantasy new release highlights features 71 books.

Legend: A = Academy Books, BR = Bully Romance, D = Dystopian RH = Reverse Harem, RT = Retelling

Monday 09/30

  • Houses Under the Sea by Caitlin R. Kiernan
  • Fire & Heart (The Others Book 3) by Kali Rose Schmidt
  • For the Love of a Wolf by Sunny Mawson
  • Rebels in the Capital (The Sun Aegis Book 3) by E. H. Lau
  • Innocence Tainted: Epidemic of lies (The Rise To The Occasion series Book 1) by Chiemeka Nicely
  • May in Atlantis: Poseidon’s Warriors by Alyssa Day

  • Twisted is the Crown (Dark Maji Book 3) by Kel Carpenter and Lucinda Dark
  • Sword and Mirror (Youkai Treasures Book 1) by Kate Grove
  • Hades Academy: Third Semester by Abbie Lyons – A
  • Catching A Warlock (Grimalkin Academy: Catacombs Book 3) by Laura Greenwood – A
  • Alchemy Academy by Nicole Morgan, Tigris Eden, Scarlette D’Noire, Laurie Treacy, Mila Waters, Tina Glasneck, Lesley Ann, Elvira Bathory, Majanka Verstraete – A/RH
  • Kinky Wolf by Aidy Award

  • Daughter of Medusa (Scorned by the Gods Book 2) by Jessica Cage
  • Cursed Blood (A Peg Darrow Novel Book 3) by Camille Douglass
  • The Shadow Court: A Wilde Justice Novel by Jenn Stark
  • Harley Merlin 12: Finch Merlin and the Djinn’s Curse by Bella Forrest
  • The Witch’s Blood: The Ellwood Chronicles III by Michele Notaro
  • Curse of a Djinn by Lichelle Slater

  • Destruction of Two (Origins of the Six Book 3) by A.K. Koonce and Aleera Anaya Ceres – RH
  • The Cities (Their Champion Book 3) by K.A Knight
  • Grounded (Spellkeeper Flight Book 3) by Ken Hughes
  • Oh My Wizard (The Nephilim Narratives Book 2) by Hadena James

Tuesday 10/1

  • Death Knocks (The Soul Hunters Book 1) by Miranda Hardy , Jay Noel
  • Academy of the Elites: Untamed Magic by Alexis Calder
  • Chosen (Crescent City Wolves Series Book 3) by Bella Night
  • Aurora Blazing (The Consortium Rebellion Book 2) by Jessie Mihalik
  • Lord of Ravens (Inheritance Book 3) by AK Faulkner
  • Frozen: Frost Boarding House 3 (Frost Boarding House (Shifter Academy)) by Joanna Reeder

  • The Sinister Mystery of the Mesmerizing Girl (The Extraordinary Adventures of the Athena Club Book 3) by Theodora Goss
  • Magic Dark (Irish Rogue Series Book 3) by Kate Gellar – RH
  • Happily Ever Crowned: An Underworld Royal Tale (Underworld Royals Book 1) by Lexi C. Foss , Anna Edwards
  • The Prism City (Kingdoms of Oz Book 3) by Carrie Whitethorne
  • Mystic Desire by Breanna Hayse, Alice Renaud, Zia Westfield, Dee S. Knight, Carol Schoenig, Callie Carmen, Anne Krist, Suzanne Smith, Patricia Elliott, R.M. Olivia , Richard Savage, Lora Logan , Jan Selbourne
  • Demonspawn Academy: Trial One by Annabel Chase – A

  • The Twelfth Knight (Guardians of Camelot Book 1) by Victoria Sue
  • Hunter: Immortals of New Orleans, Book 10 by Kym Grosso
  • Daughters of Nri: The Return of the Earth Mother series by Reni K Amayo
  • Rise of the Wolves (The Chronopoint Chronicles Book 2) by J.E. Reed
  • Untethered (The Listening Cities Book 1) by Michael Alwill
  • King of Hearts by Gillian Archer

  • Rise of the Blood Lust by Ashley Zakrzewski
  • The Vine Witch by Luanne G. Smith
  • A Choice For Essence: Book One of The Essence Chronicles by Katelyn Uhrich
  • Kennedy Reborn (Boston, an Urban Fantasy Book 2) by Greg Alldredge
  • War of Hearts by S. Young
  • Wake Me Up (The Brothers Salem Book 3) by Elizabeth Cole

  • Whispers of Shadow & Flame: Earthsinger Chronicles, Book Two by L. Penelope
  • Competing for the Luna (Blood Moon Pack Series Book 1) by Kathryn Fuller
  • My Dragon Mate (Broken Souls 3) by Alisa Woods
  • The Bargain: A Short Story by Clara C. Johnson

Wednesday 10/2

  • The Darkest Gateway (Booke of the Hidden Book 4) by Jeri Westerson
  • The Daemon Device: Book One of the Enchanter Chronicles by Jeri Westerson
  • Wicked Thorne (Cursed Coven Book 1) by K. Loraine
  • Demon Unleashed (Stealth Guardians Book 7) by Tina Folsom

Thursday 10/3

  • The Fire and the Rose: Love in the Forgelands: Book Two by Felicia Greene
  • Tempted by the Fae (The Love’s Protector Series Book 1) by Cassidy K. O’Connor
  • The Book of Dust: The Secret Commonwealth (Book of Dust, Volume 2) by Philip Pullman
  • Kingdom of Storms: The Lifetime Academy (Stones of Amaria Book 1) by Jen L. Grey – A

Friday 10/4

  • Breathe: Pirate Cove Academy Serial – Episode 2 by Alyx Rose – A/BR/RH
  • Wicked Warlock (Cursed Coven Book 2) by Marina Simcoe
  • Bad Blood (Bonds of Blood Book 2) by Cate Corvin – BR/RH
  • The Necromancer’s Curse (Misty Cedars – Vampire Edition Book 2) by Adrienne Blake
  • Blood of the Dragon (Dragons of the Realms Book 2) by Kym Dillon

  • A Raven’s Revenge (A Raven Wing Series Book 2) by Linda Bloodworth
  • A Mate for Orion (Forbidden Shifters Book 5) by Selena Scott
  • Silk and Steel #3: Blood & Ice by Ariana Nash

Saturday 10/5

  • Existence (The DevilGod Series Book 1) by S.C LEWIS
  • Marked by the Alpha by Natalie Aejaz