ARC Review: Horror of Your Heart (Tears of the Cosmos – Book 1) by M. Sinclair

Overall: 4.5/5 ā­ā­ā­ā­šŸ’«
Steam: šŸ’‹ Kiss only
Feels: šŸ˜”šŸ˜šŸ„ŗšŸ˜°šŸ™ŒšŸ¤­

Tear jerker: šŸ˜¢
Paranormal/Fantasy: Yes [šŸ§ā€ā™€ļø, šŸ¦, šŸ”®, šŸŒ«]
Location: Arizona
Character age range: late teens, early 20s
Lead: Lorcan Louvre
Love interest(s): Dean, Rhett, Cash, Desmond, Adriel
HEA: No – Cliffhanger

Kindle Unlimited: Yes
Audible: No
Series: Yes – Tears of the Cosmos
1. Horror of Your Heart – released 4/27/19
2. Broken House – released 9/27/19

~QD šŸ”„~
Sex/kink type: kissing only
Possible triggers: graphic violence, gore, substance abuse, assault, mental and emotional abuse, mention of suicide, self destructive behavior, PTSD

The Quick and Dirty: Slow burn dark PNR RH. Immortal elf endures graphic trauma over and over again. Forms a bond with five men from her past who help rid her of the monster who’s plagued her for years.

Everyone loves Lorcan, except they don’t really. She’s an accomplished violinist, model and socialite, but she is also an elf with the natural power to compel and the ability to see what others truly desire. People tend to obsess over her, and she has suffered for years at the hand of a monster who won’t give her up. He subjects her to gruesome horrors, over and over again, using her immortality to his advantage. The hopelessness, pain and loneliness she feels leave her wishing for death and she resorts to self medicating to numb her way through life when she fails at suicide. Everything changes when she is called home to Arizona from L.A., and reconnects with her childhood friends. The bond with her five new guardians will challenge everything she thought she knew about her powers, finding love, and her ability to overcome.

An interesting premise that kept me hooked despite the slow burn. I felt like the climax could have used a little more development but the cliffie at the end definitely had me scrambling for book 2, so that somewhat balances things out. It’s definitely a dark romance so beware of relationships that are not text book “healthy”, but I loved Lorcan’s five guys, and I’m willing to bet you will too!

My review for Broken House (Book 2) coming soon!

Dark Fantasy RH

We were told to create something.
So I designed my own demise. I crafted my own chaos. I planned my own death.
We were told to live every day to the fullest.
So I experienced my own catastrophe. I enjoyed my own vices. I embraced the ugliness of those around me.
Somehow, along the way, I messed something up.
I ruined it. I destroyed it. I did something terribly wrong.
I had to assume that was the case.
The reason I could never be loved.
The reason we were unwanted.
The reason we were rejected.
I had to assume.
Now, I had only one thing left to get right, one thing anyone supported us in.
Our deaths. My death.
Now I had a death wish.
My issue? My problem?
It’s impossible for me to die.

Lorcan Louvre is back. Three years ago she and her twin disappeared in the middle of the night for LA. Now they are back for their senior year with an infamous reputation for partying, a penchant for violence, and a plan for avoiding the paparazzi. So why did they leave? What are they hiding now?

Warning: This dark RH fantasy romance contains dark themes. Our heroine has been through a lot and continues to go through many struggles. The book contains substance abuse, gore, violence, swearing, abuse, assault, sexual themes (+18), PTSD, and an array of other dark subject matters. If those concepts are not something you can read about, I would suggest not reading this book. The series will end with a HEA but the heroine has to go through a lot to realize she can trust the men around her. If this book appeals to you I promise that it will be an emotional rollercoaster.

Age: +18

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Author of Descendant of Chaos (Amazon Best Selling #1 New Release)

M. Sinclair is a Chicago native, parent to 3 cats, and can be found reading almost every moment of the day… yes, that includes while at work. Despite being new to publishing, M. Sinclair has been writing for nearly 10 years now. Currently, in love with the Reverse Harem genre, she plans to publish an array of works that are considered romance, suspense, and horror within the year. She also believes that there is enough room for all types of heroines in this world and that being saved is as important as saving others. So be a princess and a warrior!

Just remember to love cats… that’s not negotiable.