ARC Review: Shifted Into Love: Hotel California [Anthology] by Phoenix Williams, Alexis D. Craig, Shai August, N.D. Jones

Overall: 4/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Tear jerker: No
Paranormal/Fantasy: Yes
Location: Hotel California!
Character age range: Various
Lead & Love interests listed below –
HEA: Yes for 3, Cliffhanger for 1

Kindle Unlimited: Yes
Audible: No
Series: No – Stand alone anthology

~QD 🔥~
Sex/kink type: oral, manual, penetrative,
Possible triggers: violence, kidnapping

The Quick and Dirty: A fun anthology just in time for Halloween! Short stories based on the premise of the Eagles’s song Hotel California, where you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.

Haunted and Hunted by Phoenix Williams ⭐⭐⭐⭐/🔥🔥: Isabella (Shifter) & Kage (Demon). They meet at the Hotel California, Kage’s domain where Isabella realizes there’s more to her initial attraction to Kage than meets the eye.

No Good Deed by Alexis D. Craig ⭐⭐⭐💫/🔥: Pallas (Sprite) & Syta (Witch) – Pallas is stuck at The Hotel Presidio (aka Hotel California) and accidentally summons Syta, a witch, in a dream.  She helps him navigate his nightmares over time and they work together to try to figure out how to reverse the hex that has been placed on him.

The Case of the Lost Opera Singer by Shai August ⭐⭐⭐⭐/🔥: Reese (Witch) & Colt (Griffin Shifter) – Special Agents go undercover at The Hotel California to investigate the disappearance of a Senator’s daughter, an opera singer, who was last seen at the hotel nearly a year ago.

A Queen’s Pride by N.D. Jones ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐/💋: Ashon & Ekon (Lion shifters) – This one is a PNR political thriller that will get your blood pumping! It’s a sampling of a full length novel that will be released June 2020 and leaves you with a cliffhanger that will have you counting down the days until summer!

BONUS: There’s a Spotify playlist you can check out that goes along with the book! My two faves are the remixes on Wicked Game by Theory of a Deadman and Doin’ Time by Lana Del Ray. And of course, I love me some Billie too! Click the image below to check it out!

Welcome to the Hotel…you know the rest. It’s a lovely place but these paranormal romance writers are taking you on spine tingling adventures with shifters and fantasy creatures that will keep you wishing that you never have to leave.

From paranormal and erotica author, Phoenix Williams -The Haunted and The Hunted ~ Isabella Robertson is being haunted and that’s the least of her problems. Still reeling from her father’s death, Isabella is thrown into further turmoil when she is forced to leave the only home and wolf pack she has ever known. With nothing but the clothes on her back, she plans to head towards Hell Fire Valley to beg sanctuary from the Dragon Queen.

Kage Ryu is being hunted and that’s the least of his problems. Pressured by his mother to take his rightful place as King, he just wants to enjoy his life before the countdown to his arranged marriage runs out.

On a dark desert highway, Kage and Isabella come face to face at a hotel bar. Here, nothing is as it seems, everyone has an ulterior motive, and the grim reaper and his companions are regular guests. A Valkyrie, a Cerberus, a Shinigami, and a Huntress. It seems like the beginning of a bad joke but it’s just another Halloween night at the Hotel California.

Shai August’s The Case of the Lost Opera Singer ~ Special Agent Shifter Colt Landry is going undercover with the unfriendliest Steward Agent he’s ever met: Special Agent Witch Theresa ‘Reese’ Freeman.

Special Agent Witch Reese Freeman can’t believe she’s on assignment with the Agency’s golden child, Agent By the Books himself Colt Landry?

Their assignment: Bring a politician’s daughter out of the Hotel California by hook or by crook with no back up in sight.

But every step deeper inside feels like a trap. Who is really in control of the Hotel? How will they get out alive and with the politician’s daughter? And how will Colt fight the evil of the Hotel and his desire for the resistant Agent Witch by his side?

Next, paranormal and thriller author Alexis D. Craig offers No Good Deed ~ Pallas is a prisoner of his own devices. A veteran of the Fairy Wars, between his PTSD and his curse from the Fae Winter Court, his nightmares leave him trapped within himself and within the hotel he runs, The Presidio. At least, until she arrived.

An answer to a call for help he didn’t even know he’d made, Syta is an improbable warrior. A powerful witch who uses her powers to grow and heal plants, she’s unsure how to heal another creature.

Pallas has been fighting the battle for his sanity alone but with Syta by his side can he win the war for his mind and her heart?

Lastly, USA Today best selling author N.D. Jones brings you A Queen’s Pride ~ Lies. Murder. Vengeance.
For centuries, full-humans have descended on shifters’ lands, killing and claiming. Like sharks scenting blood in the water, they devoured all in their murderous path—gold, God, and glory their battle cries. From the flames of destruction, two nations emerged—the full-human territory of Vumaris and the feline nation of Shona.
For eighteen-year-old Asha, traveling to Vumaris with her parents, alphas of the Kingdom of Shona, should’ve been a simple matter. Recommitting to an eighty-year-old treaty between their countries should’ve been easier still. Yet, greed and corruption know no boundaries of time and place, turning a family trip into the bloodiest night of Asha’s life.
Will Asha survive the night of terror? If so, will she forgive her enemies or seek divine retribution.
Ekon is a young bodyguard to the Shona princess. He also happens to be in love with Asha. When a group of trained killers converges on Hotel California, hellbent on kidnapping Asha and slaughtering anyone who stands in their way, how can he save his love when the odds are stacked against him?
Safety. Protection. Love.
Asha and Ekon want all three. But first, they must survive Hotel California.

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Phoenix Williams is an award-nominated, best-selling author, screenwriter, and public speaker from Chicagoland. She credits her success to standing in her truth, obsessing over anime, and giving her fears the bird. In her own words, “I write books and talk sh*t.” From erotic romance to paranormal, this self-proclaimed smutty, smutty princess has captured the attention of readers and industry leaders alike.


Alexis Craig was born in Tucson, Arizona and moved to Indiana when she was eleven. She’s been there ever since, not counting the three-year stint in New York for college.

She is an avid reader of romance novels and forensic science manuals, a wife, a godmother to many, a loving aunt, avid ghost hunter, and collector of rescued pets.

In her free time, she tends to wander through haunted houses, bike along the Indianapolis Canal downtown, and travel to new places.

The author of Imminent Danger, Undercover Seduction, Give Me Shelter, the bestselling The Ex File and Book 2 in the series, Dead and Disorderly, plus Bulletproof Princess, and finally the bestselling romantic comedy, No Such thing. Her next work will be part of an untitled new series, but it’s still in the top secret development stage. So stay tuned for her next adventure.


Shai August is a country girl with a big imagination, more than a touch of wanderlust and a never-ending desire to live in both an RV traveling the world and a library. Her love language is words of affirmations followed by books, bacon and bourbon.

She’s a born and bred Louisiana native, but is currently doing an impression of a yellow rose of Texas. She is fluent in English, sarcasm and memes. Her goal is to write fast paced, character driven paranormal fiction for women of color.


N. D. Jones is a USA Today bestselling author who lives in Maryland with her husband and two children. She is a dedicated educator, committed to equitable and excellent education for all students. N.D. has served in the role as teacher, department chair, and professional development teacher specialist, supporting the learning of students and the professional growth of teachers .

N.D. is the founder of Kuumba Publishing, an art, audiobook, eBook, and paperback company. Kuumba Publishing is a forum for creativity, with a special commitment to promoting and encouraging creative works of authors and artists of African descent. Her teenage daughter created the image design for Kuumba Publishing, while her son has written a role playing game original character bio for a new paranormal romance series–making Kuumba Publishing a true family affair.

A desire to see more novels with positive, sexy, and three-dimensional African American characters as soul mates, friends, and lovers, inspired the author to take on the challenge of penning such romantic reads. She is the author of three paranormal romance series: Winged Warriors, Death and Destiny and Dragon Shifter Romance. She is also the author of Forever Yours, a fantasy romance series, and The Styles of Love, a contemporary romance trilogy.

N.D. likes to read historical and paranormal romance novels, as well as comics and manga.