Paranormal Romance / Fantasy New Release Highlights – 10/28/19 – 11/03/19

This week’s Paranormal Romance/Fantasy new release highlights features 77 books.

Legend: A = Academy Books, BR = Bully Romance, D = Dystopian RH = Reverse Harem, RT = Retelling

Monday 10/28

  • Peridot (Jewels Cafe Book 3) by M. Sinclair
  • Revelations: Of Demon Breed by Lauretta Hignett
  • Darklight 2: Darkthirst by Bella Forrest
  • Immortal Mayhem (Immortal Crown Book 1) by Elena Gray and Kelli McCracken
  • Dragon Lords Blood Contract (Dragon Marked Series Book 1) by Rylee Winters

Tuesday 10/29

  • Shadows by Kristen Proby
  • Beauty (A Faery Story Book 3) by Lexi Blake writing as Sophie Oak
  • Submerge (Apalala Clan Book 3) by Dzintra Sullivan
  • Page of Tricks (Inheritance Book 5) by AK Faulkner
  • Betrayed (Crescent City Wolves Series Book 5) by Bella Night
  • Captivating the Hostess (The Cain and Abel Series Book 2) by S.J. Rowe

  • The Only Essence (The White Dragon Book 1) by Mia Hawkins
  • Warlock and the Bear (Banford and Beauty Bears Book 4) by Mina Carter
  • Sun & Moon Academy by Kristie Cook, Tish Thawer, Belinda Boring, Rose Garcia, Victoria Flynn, E.J. Fechenda, Amy Richie, Victoria Escobar, Justine Winter – A
  • A Shifter’s Heart (Rouen Chronicles Book 10) by Raven Steele and Ava Mason
  • The Quick and the Dead (Soul Broker Book 3) by D. B. Sieders
  • Vampire In Silver: (The Traveling Troupe Academy of Dr. Dark, Book 2) by Mia Strange

  • Calico Descending (Juniper Unraveling Book 2) by Keri Lake
  • Cold Queen by K Webster
  • Omega’s Savior (Guardian Dragons Book 5) by Aiden Bates and Jill Haven
  • Once Upon Nevermore: The Seneca Chronicles Book One by Juliette Harper

  • The Name of All Things by Jenn Lyons
  • Fever by Donna Grant
  • Scarlet Huntress (Tales of Grimm Hollow Book 1) by LeAnn Mason

Wednesday 10/30

  • Lost Secret (The Kiss Chronicles Book 1) by Emily Reed
  • Exitus (An Evanee Sheperd Novel Book 2) by T.S. Petersen
  • Coffins & Dragons: A Dragon Soul Press Anthology by J.E. Feldman
  • Saviour (The Full-Blood Book 2) by Serena Nova
  • Gray Witch (Gray Magic Academy Book 2) by Zoey Ferrara – A
  • Fate of the Demon (Witch of the Lake Book 2) by Miranda Honfleur and Nicolette Andrews

  • Deny Me (Legends of the Ashwood Institute Book 2) by Jayla Kane
  • Her Quicksilver Lover (Even Gods Fall In Love Book 6) by Lynne Connolly
  • Kiss of Death (Hell on Earth, Book 3) by Brenda K. Davies
  • Investigated (Daywalker Academy series Book 1) by Maya Daniels – A
  • The Bloodletters by Samantha Bell

Thursday 10/31

  • Friends With The Monsters by Albany Walker
  • To My End by Belle Frost and Anita Gray
  • La Petite Mort by Olivie Blake
  • Crave (The Academy Of Lies Book 2) by Atlas Rose ā€“ BR/RH
  • Seven Princes of Hell: Volume 1: Saul by Frances June
  • The Hunter: A Nightingale Novel (Nightingales Book 1) by T.M. Dawson

  • Academy of Deadly Arts (Phantom Academy Book 1) by Helen Scott – A
  • Stormy Nights (Storms of Blackwood Book 2) by Elle Middaugh
  • Riding on the Tail of the Devil: Classic Edition by Danielle DeVor
  • Crimson Hunter (Fairy Tale Fatale Book 1) by N.D. Jones – RT
  • Bachelorette On A Mission (The Rare and The Unknown Book 7) by Shai August
  • Masked by Vengeance (Vega City Vigilantes Book 1) by A.J. Macey

  • Tithe (Roses Red Trilogy Book 1) by Chani Lynn Feener
  • Stolen Hood (Forbidden Fairytales Book 1) by The Grim Sisters
  • The Shadow Courtesan by Willow Woods
  • Doctor Dragon (Earth Dragons Book 6) by Charlene Hartnady
  • Death Arrives (The Soul Hunters Book 2) by Miranda Hardy, Jay Noel, et al.
  • Second Fiddle (Hearthstone Academy Book 2) by Alexa Saint ā€“ A/BR

  • Hidden Shifter (Night World Book 4) by Gretchen S.B.
  • Celtic Fire (The Witch of Appalachia Book 6) by Francesca Quarto
  • Oh, For Luck’s Sake (Bad Luck Dragon Book 1) by Shan Marin
  • Risen: The Chosen Sequel by Lauren Chow
  • Blood Magic (Hidden Magic Book 2) by Jayne Hawke
  • Kisses & Kismet by Kris Jayne

  • Haunt (The Sin-Eater Chronicles Book 1) by Heather Hambel Curley
  • The Hunted Wolf: Crystal Lake Forest Wolf Shifter Series Book 3 by Ovidia Pike
  • Fall Festival (Hunters’ Academy Year 2) by Ivy Hearne
  • Samhain Spell (Smoky Mountain Dragons Book 4) by Kristen Strassel
  • Alpha Blood (The Blood Series Vampire / Shifter Romance Thriller Book 9) by Tamara Rose Blodgett
  • Farin the Dark: The Tellox Accords by Kelly Lucille

  • A Rose to the Torch by Bartholomew Lander
  • Immortal Lust by Liz Knox , Courtney Lynn Rose, Nicole Kelley, Parker Stevens, Timber Philips, Claire Marta, Harper Ray, Nikki Landis, Nicky Fox

Friday 11/1

  • Revived: Remnants Of Another Life by Diana Leston
  • Druids Storm (An Alice Skye Novel Book 2) by Taylor Aston White
  • Ghost Eyes (Kootenai Pack Book 2) by Lynn Katzenmeyer
  • Valkyrie 104: The War Of Souls (The Afterlife Academy: Valkyrie Book 4) by Arizona Tape
  • Fireborne (Raven Cursed Book 1) by McKenzie Hunter
  • Slaying Monsters for the Feeble (The Guild Codex: Demonized Book 2) by Annette Marie

  • Infernal Descent ā€“ Complete Trilogy by Bea Paige and Skye MacKinnon – RH
  • Crown Princess by R. T. W. Lipkin
  • The Darkest Fall by Ripley Proserpina

Saturday 11/2

  • Malicious Prince (Territorial Mates Book 3) by Mary E. Twomey – RH