Young Adult New Release Highlights – 1/20/20 – 1/26/20

This week’s Young Adult new release highlights features 30 new books. Happy Reading and Happy New Year!

Legend: A = Academy Books, BR = Bully Romance, D = Dystopian, RH = Reverse Harem, RT = Retelling

Monday 1/20

  • First Steps (Touch of Insanity Book 1) by Rosa Marchisella
  • The Cursed One (New York Academy of Magic Book 2) by Sean Fletcher
  • The Uptown Witch (The Coven: School of Magical Arts Novella Book 2) by Chandelle LaVaun

Tuesday 1/21

  • Tweet Cute by Emma Lord
  • Hungry Hearts by Julie Hoag
  • Layoverland by Gabby Noone
  • Gone by Nightfall by Dee Garretson 
  • Not So Pure and Simple by Lamar Giles
  • What I Carry by Jennifer Longo

  • Rogue Princess by B.R. Myers
  • Shock Me by Ashley C. Harris
  • The Will and the Wilds by Charlie N. Holmberg
  • Given by Nandi Taylor
  • Spellhacker by M. K. England

  • This Vicious Cure (Mortal Coil) by Emily Suvada
  • The Hand on the Wall (Truly Devious Book 3) by Maureen Johnson

Wednesday 1/22

  • Wicked Academy 2: The Masquerade by Nissa Leder
  • Raven’s Witch (Darkest Hearts Trilogy Book 3) by R. L. Weeks

Thursday 1/23

  • Keepers of the Sea Cliffs (The Windborne Book 4) by Laurel Wanrow
  • Sword of Stone (Stones of Amaria Book 4) by Tara Brown Chosen (Gem Creek Bears Book 1) by Jennifer Snyder
  • Surgebound (Storm Rising Saga Book 1) by Celeste Griffith and Ramona Carter
  • The Waking of Ghosts (Lost Souls Academy Book 1) by Lilliana Rose)

Friday 1/24

  • The Glass Swan by Madison Nelson
  • Mystique Blaze (Supernatural Taskforce Academy: Mission Two) by J.L. Weil and Stephany Wallace
  • Circus of the Dead: Book 1 by Kimberly Loth
  • Rising Demon (Dark Hearts Academy Book 2) by Clara Connors 
  • The Call of the Valkyries (Viking Saga Book 1) by T J Mayhew

  • The Art of Holding On by Beth Ann Burgoon

Saturday 1/25

  • Maxen: Broken Hill Boys (Novella 3) by Sheridan Anne