ARC Review: Unforgotten (The Fallen Guardians #2) by Cassie Laelyn

Overall: 3.5/5 ⭐⭐⭐💫
Steam: 🔥🔥
Feels: ⚔️😲🤨😧😒🥰

Genre: Fantasy, PNR
Location: Mortal realm, Hell
MC age range: Immortal
Lead: Aric
Love interest(s): Willow
Tear jerker: No
HEA: Yes

Kindle Unlimited: No
Paperback page count: 259
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Audible: No
Series: Yes – The Fallen Guardians
1. Unforsaken – released 1/14/19
2. Unforgotten – released 2/26/20

~QD 🔥~
Sex/kink type: Oral, penetrative
Possible triggers: Abandonment, mutilation, torture

The Quick and Dirty: Guardian angel finds out his soulmate is planning to make the transition to Fallen angel. He attempts to save her.

Aric is a guardian angel who has been exiled from the heavens by Fate, the female deity in charge, until he completes his mission of saving his former brother Blaine, now a Fallen. It’s been three centuries and his soulmate Willow has mistakenly believed that he chose to leave over staying in the heavens with her. As her powers begin to fade in her grief and anger, she decides to align herself with Blaine and make the fall, with his promise that she’ll regain her powers.  Things don’t go as smoothly as she hopes. When Aric finds her in the mortal realm, mid-transition, he has to convince Willow of the truth and his love for her before she completes the fall and cuts their soul ties forever.

I went into this book enjoying the premise, but as the story moved along I unfortunately found myself falling out of love with Willow and Aric. There were moments I wanted to shake Willow because her priorities were skewed and she came across as irrational and whiny. With Aric, I found myself annoyed that for how close the brothers are supposed to be, I didn’t feel it. He lashed out and disregarded opinions like it was easy instead of turning to them. I also had trouble with the pacing at certain points. A lot of time was spent trying to convince Willow not to fall and not as much time on the action that would have moved the story along. Overall, I think like a house, this book has good bones, but it needs a little bit more to make it really shine.

Award winning author.
Cassie Laelyn is back with the next thrilling instalment of her sexy bad boy angels series, The Fallen Guardians!
A twist even Fate didn’t see coming…

Fate offers no mercy. Especially not to those who betray her. Lethal Guardian Aric’s loyalty never falters. Not even when Fate exiled him and his brothers from the Heavens, separating Aric from his soulmate. He’ll do anything to reunite with her. But when Willow suddenly appears in the mortal realm, Aric’s greatest fear comes true-she’s no longer the angel he left behind.

Since Aric abandoned her, the Heavens have become Willow’s personal Hell. Centuries of bitterness and hurt is a toxic combination. It even affects her angelic powers. When a Fallen offers Willow a chance to escape, she accepts. But shunning her connection to the Heavens comes at a cost.

In a twisted battle of loyalty, trust and hope, what price will two soulmates pay for a second chance at love?

Winner in the 2019 best Demons, Devils and Angels category.
 – The Paranormal Romance Guild’s Reviewer’s Choice Award
Best 2019 Paranormal Romance (nominee)
 – Australian Romance Readers Award
Best 2019 Australian Debut Author (nominee)
 – Australian Romance Readers Award













Award Winning Australian Paranormal Romance Author.

Growing up in a military family, Cassie had a childhood filled with countless crazy adventures. Eventually, sunny Queensland stole her heart, and she now calls it home with her husband and their two BMX-crazy boys.

Borderline obsessed with the paranormal world, Cassie has a passion for crafting stories involving strong, otherworldly characters in need of redemption. She’s a self-confessed book-a-holic and a sucker for a gut wrenching happily ever after.

When she isn’t narrating imaginary characters, Cassie loves binging on TV shows, spending time at the beach, and curling up listening to the rain.