Young Adult New Release Highlights – 07/27/20 – 08/02/20

This week’s Young Adult new release highlights features 37 new books. Happy Reading!

Legend: A = Academy Books, BR = Bully Romance, D = Dystopian, RH = Reverse Harem, RT = Retelling 

Monday 7/27

  • Seeking Solace (The Realm of Knowledge Book 2) by T.N. Watson 
  • The Bachmann Family Secret by Damian Serbu
  • Reapers (Angel Academy Book 1) by Jamie Campbell
  • Dragon Guard (Dragon Tamers of Pyralis Book 2) by Devonnie Asher 
  • If These Wings Could Fly (Evernight Fae Book 1) by Angela M Hudson  

Tuesday 7/28

  • Ever Cursed by Corey Ann Haydu
  • The Beast Warrior by Nahoko Uehashi and Cathy Hirano
  • A Wicked Magic by Sasha Laurens
  • The Mall by Megan McCafferty
  • The Stepping Off Place by Cameron Kelly Rosenblum
  • This Is My America by Kim Johnson 

  • Kissing the Shy Guy (The Dangers of Dating a Diva Book 4) by Stephanie Street
  • I Kissed Alice by Anna Birch and Victoria Ying
  • The Friend Scheme by Cale Dietrich
  • Today Tonight Tomorrow by Rachel Lynn Solomon
  • The Girl in the White Van by April Henry
  • Raw Kingdom: Buried in the Dust by Y. Daher

  • A Heart of Fury by Roo Jaymes and CS Hope
  • Dragon of Death (Dragon Oracle Book 8) by Jada Fisher
  • Shadow of the Champion (The Champion Book 2) by Clara C. Johnson
  • Wanted Witch (Woodlock’s Home for Magical Delinquents Book 2) by Samantha Bell
  • Entangled (Daughter of Hades Book 3) by Dani Hoots 
  • Witch of Shadows (Shadowhurst Mysteries Book 1) by A.N. Sage 

Wednesday 7/29

  • Light of Orion (Guardians of Orion Book 2) by S. L. Richardson 
  • Betrayed (The Emrys Chronicles Book 2) by E.E. Everly 

Thursday 7/30

  • Cursed (Gem Creek Bears Book 6) by Jennifer Snyder
  • Queen of Djinn (Desert Nights 4) by Helena Rookwood and Elm Vince 

Friday 7/31

  • Blazing Academy: Semester Two (Academy For All Things Scorching Book 2) by Avery Song
  • The Dragonfly Oath (The Fire Queen’s Apprentice Book 3) by Jordan Rivet
  • Curvy Girls Can’t Date Quarterbacks (The Curvy Girl Club Book 1) by Kelsie Stelting
  • Child Of Mist: Wicked Ways (Child Of Mist, Book 3) by Lola Stvil 
  • Cursed by Blood (The Blood Descent Series Book 2) by Rachel Collett
  • The Oracle’s Harem by Devyn Forrest

Saturday 8/1

  • One Chance to Live Young by Liv Dooley
  • The Midnight Tablet (The Violet Fox Series #4) by Clare C. Marshall
  • Hemlock by Rue Volley

Sunday 8/2

  • The Rise of the Fairy Queen (The Fairy Queen Trilogy Book 1) by Gemma Perfect