Paranormal Romance / Fantasy New Release Highlights – 09/21/20 – 09/27/20

This week’s Paranormal Romance/Fantasy new release highlights features 55 books.

Legend: A = Academy Books, BR = Bully Romance, D = Dystopian RH = Reverse Harem, RT = Retelling

Monday 9/21

  • Alchemy (Psycons & Grace Book 2) by Tyler J. Yates
  • Breaking Neverland: A Retelling of Peter Pan, Part II (The Classical Kingdoms Collection Book 9) by Brittany Fichter 
  • Death’s Door (Supernatural Security Force Book 3) by Heather Hildenbrand  
  • Firefrost by Camille Longley
  • Submerge (Salinity Cove Book 2) by Maya Nicole – RH 

  • Succulents and Spells (Windflower Book 1) by Andi C. Buchanan
  • Hexes & Vexes by Nova Blake 
  • Brand of Magic (Redferne Witches Book 1) by K M Jackways 

Tuesday 9/22

  • Crystal Heart by Whitney Morris
  • The Resurrection of Fulgencio Ramirez by Rudy Ruiz 
  • Dead Man in a Ditch (Fetch Phillips Book 2) by Luke Arnold 
  • Bag of Tricks by Carmen Webster Buxton
  • Midnight Heiress (Midnight Harem Series Book 2) by Tyranni Thomas 

Wednesday 9/23

  • Hearts in the Hard Ground by G. V. Anderson
  • Bloodborn (Five Lands Saga Book 3) by Cara Witter
  • Mind Games (The Witches of Wheeler Park Book 4) by Christine Pope 
  • Sip of Desire (The Starlight City Series Book 1) by Krysta Fox 
  • Nobledark Academy 3: Chosen Hearts by Laney Powell

Thursday 9/24

  • Ancient Hearts (Kingdom of Sand & Stars Book 1) by Candace Osmond
  • Wicked King (Fae of Fire and Ash Book 3) by Ana Calin
  • Called (Hell Baited Wolves Book 1) by Cali Mann and Freya Black – RH 
  • A Vampire’s Spell (The Order of the Black Oak – Vampires Book 1) by Marie-Claude Bourque 
  • Sold to the Dragon Bratva (The Drakon Bratva Book 1) by Meghyn King 
  • Blood Hunt (Vampire Huntress Chronicles Book 1) by Jessica Wayne

  • Neck-Rological (Neck-Romancer Book 2) by Elizabeth Dunlap – RH
  • Playing with Hellfire (Sin Demons Book 1) by Mila Young and Harper A. Brooks  
  • Lamps And Lies (Grimm Academy Book 5) by Laura Greenwood
  • How to Win a Wolf (The Beasts of Big Easy Book 5) by Sheryl Quinn 
  • Treasured by the Dragon (Stonefire British Dragons Book 13) by Jessie Donovan 

  • To Claim A Fae (Winter’s Thorn Book 3) by Mila Young
  • Caged Kitten (All the Queen’s Men Book 2) by Rhea Watson

Friday 9/25

  • Vampire Bound: Book Three by R. A. Steffan
  • Vintage Vampire (Southern Relics Cozy Mysteries Book 4) by Bella Falls
  • Pretty Wild (The Fallen Gods Book 4) by K.A Knight 
  • Morrigan’s Blood (Crow’s Curse Book 1) by Laura Bickle
  • Edge of Dreams (The Dream Series Book 1) by Jes Logan
  • Ashes of Revival (The Abdicate Series Book 1) by Alex Shobe 

  • Baubles & Beans: A Jack & The Beanstalk Retelling by Nicole Morgan 
  • Fae Heart (Forsaking the Fae Book 2) by A.M. Hardin – RF  
  • The Seed (Born for the Gods Book 3) by L.A. Grant 
  • Elemental’s Curse (Alice Skye series Book 4) by Taylor Aston White – UF 

  • Avenge Me (Shifting Allegiance Book 2) by Imani L. Hawkins – RH 
  • Faeted Faeker (Fae Prison Trilogy Book 1) by Piper Maki 
  • Grave Attraction by Lori Sjoberg
  • Tides that Bind (Wicked Waves Book 2) by Erin O’Kane and Loxley Savage  – RH 

Saturday 9/26

  • Shadow of Death (A Deathvale Reaper Thriller Book 1) by M.J. Kilmer
  • Star on the Rise (Get Your Rocks Off Book 3) by Sam Hall
  • Soul Keeper: Soul Hunters: The Fallen Angel book 1 by Tegan Maher 
  • Midnight Kisses (Shifter Island Book 1) by Leia Stone and Raye Wagner
  • Dark Fae Cursed (Broken Court Book 1) by Heather Renee

  • Boy by Brent van Staalduinen
  • The Almost Queen (Fate Of The Crown Duology Book 1) by Laura Greenwood 

Sunday 9/27

  • Dusk Stalker (The Devil of Harrowgate Book 2) by Katerina Martinez
  • Autumn’s Rescue (Alpha Barbarians Book 4) by Leann Ryans