Paranormal Romance / Fantasy New Release Highlights – 11/23/20 – 11/29/20

Check out this week’s Paranormal Romance/Fantasy new release highlights features. Happy Reading!

Legend: A = Academy Books, BR = Bully Romance, D = Dystopian RH = Reverse Harem, RT = Retelling

Monday 11/23

  • Sedona Surrender: Southwestern Paranormal Romance with Shifters, Psychics, and Secrets (Sedona Pack Book 4) by Lisa Kessler  
  • Silence & Shadow: The Iron Lotus Series 2 (A YA Steampunk Series) by Nicole Adamz and Brooke Chastain 
  • Lamps And Lies (Grimm Academy Book 5 by Laura Greenwood  

Tuesday 11/24

  • Dark Moon Rising (Silver Moon series Book 3) by L S Slayford 
  • The Poison Prince (Hostage of Empire Book 2) by S. C. Emmett  
  • What the Heart Takes (Soulmate Book 3) by Kelli McCracken  
  • The Princess Knight (The Scarred Earth Saga Book 2) by G.A. Aiken 
  • Succubus Blessed (Paranormal Prison: Shackled Souls Book 3) by Heather Long  
  • Killing Her Dragons: A Dragon Shifter Fated Mate Romance (Omega Book 8) by April Canavan  

  • The Lightning’s Claim by K. M. Fahy
  • Shattered Dawn (Fallen Guardians Book 5) by Georgia Lyn Hunter and Montana Jade 
  • House Of Vampires 9: The Decision (The Sons Of Vlad Series) by Samantha Snow  
  • Archangel’s Sun (A Guild Hunter Novel Book 13) by Nalini Singh 
  • Shadow World (Dark Fae: Extinction Book 4) by Quinn Blackbird – DK
  • Academy Obscura by Cassia Briar – RH 

  • Call of the Bone Ships (The Tide Child Trilogy Book 2) by RJ Barker  
  • From London, With Love (London Steampunk: The Blue Blood Conspiracy Book 6) by Bec McMaster  
  • Child of Magic (Prophecy Series Book 5) by T. N. Hayden  

Wednesday 11/25

  • Finding His Passion: A Shifter Mpreg Romance (Greycoast Pack Book 4) by Jena Wade and Lorelei M. Hart  
  • Crooked Magic (Traitor of Villains Book 1) by Eva Chase  

Thursday 11/26

  • Trace of Fate (Tara Knightley Series Book 3) by Jayne Faith 
  • Shadowlands Sector, Three: A Shifter Romance by Mila Young 
  • Hectic (Arcane Mage Series Book 2) by T.S. Snow  
  • Bitten: Crimson Covenant (NightBorne Book 4) by Nikki Landis
  • Faebles to Pass (Reyna’s Blood Book 3) by Jaye Ann  

  • Holiday Haunts by Wendy Dalrymple and Imogen Markwell-Tweed 
  • Half-Breed (Haven Book 6) by Lil Hamilton 

Friday 11/27

  • Mother of Chaos (Queen of Shades Book 4) by Eli Hinze 
  • Fire’s Caress: A Telesā World Novel (The Telesā World Series Book 2) by Lani Wendt Young
  • Pretty Faces (The Fallen Gods Book 6) by K.A Knight
  • Legacy of Light: The Series by M. Lynn and Michelle Bryan 
  • Chasing Dreams by Jes Logan – UF 
  • Broken Mate: The Eternals Crossover Novella (Badlands Territory Book 8) by J. Marie 

  • Secret Magic: Renfurt Academy of Magic Year Two by Ava Dune
  • Destination Unknown (Lumen Academy Book 1) by Penelope Wright 
  • Sympathy for the Demons (Promised to the Demons Book 1) by Lidiya Foxglove  
  • Where the Trees of Ages Stand (Evernight Fae Book 6) by Angela M Hudson 
  • Feathers and Fate by Sadie Moss  
  • Tapestry of Night by Elm Vince 

  • Infernal Council: The Complete Series by Maya Nicole 
  • Devil’s Branch: A Paranormal Investigator Urban Fantasy (Sunshine Walkingstick Book 5) by Celia Roman 

Saturday 11/28

  • Fairy Misspelled (Tipsy Fairy Godmother Chronicles Book 2) by Elena Gray 
  • The Dragon’s Bewitching Mate (Dragons For Hire Book 3) by Sadie Sears 
  • Wrecked (Shadow Sentinels Book 1) by Karen Tomlinson 
  • Spelled at Midnight (The Midnight Retellings Collection Book 3) by P. Stormcrow 
  • Traitor Witch (The Deadwood Book 1) by Marie Mistry
  • The Elementals by Liz Knox , Heather Young-Nichols 

Sunday 11/29

  • Spin the Shadows (Dark and Wicked Fae Book 1) by Cate Corvin 
  • Sun Child (The Year of the Wolf Book 3) by Serena Akeroyd
  • Reign of Nightmares (Blood Throne Book 1) by Quinn Arthurs