EXCERPT REVEAL: The Broody Brit for Christmas by MJ Fields and Jessica Ruben


Take a peek inside π“𝐑𝐞 ππ«π¨π¨ππ² ππ«π’𝐭: π…𝐨𝐫 π‚𝐑𝐫𝐒𝐬𝐭𝐦𝐚𝐬! We can’t wait for you to meet our sexy Brit in this Holiday Romantic Comedy coming for you on November 29th!

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β€œDo you need a hand?”

Her purse goes flying, as do her keys, and I have to literally bite my damn lip to stop from laughing at the mess she’s made.

She completely ignores me, which of course, I’m not the least bit used to when it comes to women. As nice of a break from the barracudas as it is, I can’t help but mess with her a little bit, use my charm to rile her upβ€”in the most gentlemanly like fashionβ€”for dealing with Nathaniel the way she did. The truth is, had I been in her situationβ€”I’d have called his parents.

She squats down, picking up a Halloween haul worthy amount of sweets, so I decide to β€˜help her out.’ When I walk around in front of her and begin to bend down to do just that, she looks up. As her mouth falls open, I clamp mine shut.

She is quite stunning, beautiful in fact, and I am glad to be wearing my sunglasses, or she’d probably be looking into a mirrored image of the wonder I see in her eyes as she looks at me.

Christ, she is… something else.

I begin to clean up the sweets spilled onto the pavement as she continues to look at me, shamelessly checking me out. The confidence it takes to be so obvious is alluring. As is the fact that she is not playing coy to be cute, which coincidentally makes her even more alluring.

Her pale green eyes are absolutely stunning, her nearly perfect heart-shaped face, the color of smooth ivory; absolutely gorgeous.

As much as I love a redhead, hers is dark red, nearly mahogany brown, and although pulled up in a careless bun, it looks as if it feels like silk and begs to be tugged.

She finally looks away and begins frantically throwing the sweets in her bag, her face turning a beautiful shade of blush. Quickly, I bent down and gathered handfuls of sweets to assist her.

A frown forms on her lips as we stand, and I know I must still say my piece.

β€œMy son was here. He took a sweet from you?” Her eyes widen as I reach into her purse to grab a sweet. I unwrap it ceremoniously and pop it in my mouth, chewing slowly as I wait for her to say something, anything. Instead, she stares at my lips as I chew, so I make sure to take my damn time.

I reach in my pocket and feel for two nickel-size coins, pulling them out and opening my palm to her. β€œFor his and mine.”

When she doesn’t take them, I drop them in her purse. She opens and shuts her perfect shaped lips in an attempt to respond. I can’t help but smile.

Finally, she responds and does so looking above my head. β€œYou should teach him not to take things without paying for them.” Her voice quivers, and I wonder what else I can do to make her sound like that.

β€œWell, I must say you’re obviously a pro at making boys quake. He told me about the verbal tongue lashing you gave him. Let me assure you,” I look her over as unabashedly as she had me, and when my eyes settle on hers, β€œhe wasn’t trying to starve you.”

I nod as I turn and walk away, feeling her eyes right where I want them, on myΒ arse.Β