Paranormal Romance / Fantasy New Release Highlights – 1/25/21 – 1/31/21

Check out this week’s Paranormal Romance/Fantasy new release highlights features. Happy Reading!

Legend: A = Academy Books, BR = Bully Romance, D = Dystopian RH = Reverse Harem, RT = Retelling

Monday 1/25

  • Destroy Me (The Last Vocari Book 4) by Elena Lawson – RH
  • Root Rot Academy: Term 2 by Rhea Watson – RH
  • The Queen of Duska: The Demonic Compendium: Book Two by David Viergutz  
  • Unbound by Amber Lynn Natusch
  • In Flames (Phoenix: LexTal Chronicles Book 2) by Elise Faber
  • Twins in Time by Ray Wenck – UF

  • Forsaken Fae: Book One by R. A. Steffan
  • Big Bad Wolf (The Lycans, 1) by Jenika Snow
  • Hunter’s Moon (The Wild Hunt Book 15) by Yasmine Galenorn

Tuesday 1/26

  • Big Bad Wolf (Third Shift Book 1) by Suleikha Snyder
  • Gutter Child by Jael Richardson
  • Ancient Enforcer (Ancients Rising Book 3) by Katie Reus
  • Demon Spring Trilogy: Books 1-3 by S. Usher Evans  
  • We Could Be Heroes by Mike Chen
  • Detached (Saphera Nyx Series Book 1) by Elicia Hyder

  • Dead Men Rising (The Second Rising Series Book 2) by Amber Garr 
  • Deals With The Demons by K. J. Sage 
  • Dream Walker (Bailey Spade Book 1) by Dima Zales and Anna Zaires  
  • The Swallowed Man by Edward Carey
  • Soul of the Vampire King (Blood Fire Saga Book 3) by Bella Klaus

  • Dragon Lake: A Swan Lake Retelling by R. L. Davennor – RT
  • Taste of Karma (Sinner’s Keepers) by Heather Long and Blake Blessing
  • Bite of Ecstasy (The Starlight City Book 5) by Krysta Fox

Wednesday 1/27

  • Fury of Angels (Angels in L.A. Book 3) by JC Andrijeski – UF
  • Stalks of Gold (Bewitching Fairy Tales Book 1) by Celeste Baxendell  

Thursday 1/28

  • The City of Crows by Bethany Anne Lovejoy
  • Phantom Light (Witch Academy of Ash Book 1) by R.L. Wilson – A/RH
  • Faerie Trials (Fae Academy for Halflings Book 4) by Brea Viragh
  • The Dreams of Broken Kings: Season of the Wolf (Fae Guardians Book 3) by Lana Pecherczyk
  • Winter Tails by Piper Fox , Margo Bond Collins, et al. 
  • Depths (Tangled Crowns Book 4) by Ann Denton

  • Fierce Light (Wicked Monsters Book 4) by Marissa Farrar and Skye Jones – DK/RH  
  • Destined to Hide (A Shifting Society Book 1) by Sterling Thomas
  • Dawn Of Blood (City Of Blood Book 3) by Laura Greenwood
  • Vampire Blade (Darkbloods Book 2) by Delia E Castel
  • In the Empty Quarter by G. Willow Wilson
  • Blood Casino: Vampires & Vices No. 1 by Nina Walker

Friday 1/29

  • Tower of Thorns (The Fallen Fae Book 4) by Jenna Wolfhart
  • True Angel (Curse of the Othersiders Book 1) by Jessica Lynch
  • Vengeance (The Prince’s Games Book 1) by Rebecca Grey
  • The Shade of Blood (Shades of Darkness Book 2) by Emily Chabot  
  • Ignite by Charli Trudeaux
  • Revelation: DarkWorld: Irin Chronicles #5 by T.G. Ayer

  • Witch Enchanted (Witches of Night Meadow Book 6) by V. Vaughn and Violet Vaughn 
  • Second Chance Hope (Second Chance Academy Book 3) by Ella J. Smyth – RH
  • Tangled in Thorns (Thornwood Fae Book 2) by Nicolette Andrews
  • Love of the Wolf (Pack Loyalty Book 2) by Amelia Shaw
  • Knight Conquered (The Return of the Queen Book 5) by L.A. Grant  

  • Lost Paladin (The Broken Bard Chronicles Book 2) by Eden Hudson – UF 
  • Cotton Candy Melt: Haret Chronicles Qilin (Sugar Bites Book 4) by Laurel Chase  
  • Bloodlust: Mystic River Vampire Academy (Year Two) by Annalise Clark
  • Tiamat (My Bloody Valentine) by Serenity Rayne
  • From the Shadows: A Raven Crawford Sibling Story (Crawford Investigations Book 5) by J. C. McKenzie

Saturday 1/30

  • Freedom of the Fae (Poison Penitentiary Book 3) by Taylor Spratt
  • Endangered: Olde Earth Academy: Book Seven by Amabel Daniels 
  • Hidden in Plain Sight by Kat Blak – RH
  • Arcane Secrets (Magic Guardian Academy series Book 3) by Rebecca Goodwin  

Sunday 1/31

  • Tarot Academy 5: Spells of Mist and Spirit by Sarah Piper
  • Fall of Night: A Midnight Breed Novel by Lara Adrian
  • Under The Sea by BBB Publishings, Alexis Taylor , et al
  • Hired Hunter (The Rover series Book 2) by Amelia Shaw
  • Undone Omega (Alpha Elite Series Book 5) by V.T. Bonds
  • Corviticus University: The Scarlet Dagger by J.E. Cluney

  • Heart of the Damned (Infernal Hearts Book 2) by Georgina Stancer  
  • Spellbound Fury: The Trueborn Saga Book 5 by Samantha Wolfe
  • Master of Storms: Dragon Shifter Romance (Legends of the Storm Book 5) by Bec McMaster
  • His Time to Love (Vale Valley Season Five Book 15) by Giovanna Reaves
  • A Broken Vow (Chronicles of an Urban Druid Book 5) by Auburn Tempest and Michael Anderle  
  • Making Midlife Madness (Forty Is Fabulous Book 2) by Heloise Hull