Paranormal Romance / Fantasy New Release Highlights – 2/22/21 – 2/28/21

Check out this week’s Paranormal Romance/Fantasy new release highlights features. Happy Reading!

Legend: A = Academy Books, BR = Bully Romance, D = Dystopian RH = Reverse Harem, RT = Retelling

Monday 2/22

  • Wicked Wish (Dragon’s Gift: The Storm Book 1) by Veronica Douglas and Linsey Hall  
  • A Storm of Blood and Swords (The Oncoming Storm Book 6) by Marion Blackwood  
  • Eirwen (Silver Skates Book 6) by Jewels Arthur 
  • Catch Me, Alpha (God of War Book 2) by Emilia Rose
  • Captured by the Fae King (Sins of the Fae King Book 1) by Jennifer Thorn  
  • Dragon Lawyer’s Runaway Bride (Irish Dragon Mafia Book 4) by Maia Starr  

  • Shifter Claimed: Royal Mates by Alexis Calder
  • Ocean’s Bride (Siren of War Book 3) by Demelza Carlton
  • Tristan: (The Hawks: Fantasy Romance Series Book 1) by Jennie Lynn Roberts  

  • Shifting Trust (Crescent City Witch Book 2) by Meredith Clarke
  • A Kingdom Divided: War of Raquovia Book 2 (The War of Raquovia Series) by Katya Brackett
  • The Little Lies (The Great Hexpectations Series Book 1) by Marie F. Crow  
  • Queen of Lust (Becoming Lust Book 3) by Destiny Diess

Tuesday 2/23

  • Dead and Gone (Grave Talker Book 2) by Annie Anderson
  • Kingdom of Shadow and Light (Fever Book 11) by Karen Marie Moning
  • The Weary Traveler (Vacancy Book 1) by A. K. Caggiano
  • Warrior Awakened (Odinshield Berserkers Book 1) by Avery Haynes
  • Siren’s Embrace by T.K. Barber
  • Death Stranding – Death Stranding: The Official Novelization – Volume 1 by Hitori Nojima and Carley Radford

  • Sins of the Damned (Fallen Cities: Elisium Book 2) by Elena Lawson  
  • Playing Fae Games (Magical Artifacts Institute Book 2) by Isa Medina
  • Ghost Hunt (Academy of the Phoenix Book 1) by Lia Davis
  • Dragon Shifter Dominion 1: Passion of the Summer Dragon by KC Kingmaker
  • Dream Chaser (Bailey Spade Book 3) by Dima Zales and Anna Zaires

  • Flowers of Darkness by Tatiana de Rosnay
  • The Bone Fire by György Dragomán and Ottilie Mulzet
  • Wicked All Night: A Night Rebel Novel by Jeaniene Frost
  • The Russian Cage (Gunnie Rose Book 3) by Charlaine Harris
  • Magical Midlife Love (Leveling Up Book 4) by K.F. Breene

Wednesday 2/24

  • Wolf Forsaken (Arbor Falls Book 2) by Maya Nicole
  • Dragon Flame: A Dragon Shifter Romance (The Omen Club Book 4) by R.L. Wilson
  • Blood Ties (The Witches of Wheeler Park Book 6) by Christine Pope  
  • Blood of Midgard (Nine Realms Saga) by Z. Xolton
  • Wiretaps & Whiskers (The Faerie Files Book 1) by Emigh Cannaday  

Thursday 2/25

  • Shadow Empress (Night Elves Trilogy Book 3) by C.N. Crawford
  • Wolf Spell: Shifters Bewitched #1 by Tasha Black
  • The Cursed Crown by May Sage and Alexi Blake
  • How to Stone a Crow (Witch Like a Boss Book 2) by Willow Mason  
  • Chaste Blood (Repressed Royals Book 1) by Brittni Chenelle
  • All Shot to Hell (Sin Demons Book 3) by Mila Young and Harper A. Brooks

  • Dark Wizard (Bonds of Magic Book 1) by Jeffe Kennedy
  • Queen Greed(The Fifth Circle Book 2) by Michaela Haze – RH 
  • Song for the Dead: An Ada Palomino Novel by Karina Halle

  • Wicked Deceit: (Witchling Wars: Luxra Echelon, Book 2) by Shawn Knightley  
  • Highest Of Stakes (Grimalkin Academy: Stakes Book 3) by Laura Greenwood
  • Lord of Tears (The Dragon Demigods Book 8) by Charlene Hartnady
  • Heart of the Bear (The Heart Chronicles Book 3) by Alyssa Rose Ivy  

Friday 2/26

  • Cut to the Heart (The Arcane Market Adventures Book 1) by Janeen Ippolito
  • Dragonrider Academy: Episode 4 by A.J. Flowers
  • When You Fall (The Redeemed Book 2) by J Rose
  • This Broken Wolf: Soul Bitten Shifter Book 2 by Everly Frost 
  • Iron Fist (Iron Universe Book 2) by M. C. D’Alton and Melanie Page 
  • Lover’s Wrath (An Angel and Her Demons Book 3) by Lacey Carter Andersen – RH

  • Hunted: Call of the Wolf by Annalise Clark
  • The Hunt by Trevor Darby
  • Between the Shadow and the Soul: The Chosen One Series – Book One by Ciara Blowers

  • The Dragon’s Prisoner (Dragon Chronicles Book 2) by Ana Calin
  • Queen of the Lycan by Karina Espinosa
  • Light of the Sky (Of the Gods Book 2) by Gina Sturino
  • Seduced by Darkness (Dark Court Rising) by Bec McMaster

Saturday 2/27

  • The Immortal King: Part One of the Godyear Saga by Jason Malone  
  • Frosts And Fears (Grimm Academy Book 6) by Laura Greenwood
  • The Death Sparrow’s Shadow: The Assassin of Acreage Book One by R. L. McIntyre
  • Valiant (The Blood Trail Chronicles Book 3) by AE Watson

Sunday 2/28

  • A Vampire in Vegas (The Planes Series Book 1) by Elise Noble  
  • Outside by Dave Blackwell
  • Black Queen: Stray (Shifters Among Us Book 1) by Lidiya Foxglove

  • Siren Craving (Raven Falls Cursed Romances Book 6) by R. O’Leary  
  • Taken by the Dragon King (Fire and Ice Book 1) by Amelia Shaw
  • Bloodlust: Mystic River Vampire Academy (Year Two) by Annalise Clark  
  • Dark Ambitions (Brigit Grey’s Misfortunes Series Book 1) by Maya Daniels and AR Johnston  
  • Last Love (Epic Romance Anthology Book 3) by J.E. Feldman , Rosalyn Briar, 
  • Lorelei: Portrait of a Siren by Melody Calder

  • Paladin’s Strength: Saint of Steel Book 2 (The Saint of Steel) by T. Kingfisher 
  • A Hunt for Crows by Hector Medina
  • Legends of Fire (Arcturus Academy Book 4) by A.L. Knorr
  • Not a Dragon: Soulmarked: Kiara Ravenlocke Files 1 by Alexia Black 
  • Children of Fallen Gods (The War of Lost Hearts Book 2) by Carissa Broadbent 

  • Seeker’s Hunt (Seeker’s World Book 5) by K. A. Riley
  • A Witch in the Garden by L.D. Curtis
  • Wolf’s Obsession (Mafia Monsters Book 6) by Atlas Rose and Kim Faulks