Paranormal Romance / Fantasy New Release Highlights – 3/15/21 – 3/21/21

Check out this week’s Paranormal Romance/Fantasy new release highlights features. Happy Reading!

Legend: A = Academy Books, BR = Bully Romance, D = Dystopian RH = Reverse Harem, RT = Retelling

Monday 3/15

  • Blade of the Broken (Waress Rising Book 2) by M. Telsch-Williams  
  • Order of the Shadow Dynasty by Jennifer Laslie 
  • Curses in the Light (Atlantis Outcasts Book 2) by G.K. Lund
  • Accord for Apollo (Olympians Ascending Book 6) by Sotia Lazu
  • Good Witches Don’t Curse (Academy of Shadowed Magic Book 3) by S.W. Clarke

  • Nightshade’s Bite (Blood Wars Book 2) by Zoe Forward
  • The Assassin’s Crown (The Hybrid Chronicles Book 3) by Shana Vernon
  • Katana of Trust (The Kami Prophecy Book 1) by A.C. Ward 
  • Frostine (Silver Skates Book 9) by J.E. Cluney
  • Forbidden Vampire (Untamed Hearts) by Anne O’Connell – E2L 
  • Ides of the Unearthed (The Sommerland Chronicles Book 2) by Nicholas Gagnier

Tuesday 3/16

  • The Memory Collectors by Kim Neville
  • Wild Sign (Alpha and Omega Book 6) by Patricia Briggs
  • Pangur Ban, the White Cat (Book 1) by Fay Sampson
  • Unmated by Kiera Legend
  • Wild Magic (The Gatekeeper’s Fate Book 1) by Emma L. Adams
  • Creatures of Passage by Morowa Yejidé

  • Blood Tie (Changed Book 5) by Heather MacKinnon
  • Ghost of Jealousy (Claws Clause Book 4) by Jessica Lynch
  • Body of Stars by Laura Maylene Walter
  • Ultimate Devotion (The Fever Court Book 3) by Dagmar Avery, K. Margaret

  • The Spiritus Dagger (The Edge of Magic Book 1) by Allie Rose
  • Sinners on Sunset (California Demon Book 2) by Debra Dunbar
  • Marked For Death (Arbiters of Shadow Book 1) by Becca Blake
  • Big Bad (Mary McCarthy Prize in Short Fiction) by Whitney Collins
  • The Twisted Path (The Cursed Prince Book 3) by Teresa Roman

Wednesday 3/17

  • Deep Sea Kiss (Norse Sea Dragons Book 1) by Zoe Ashwood
  • Bonds of the Goddess (Grecian Goddess Trilogy Book 3) by Tessa Cole and Clara Wils
  • Charmed Wolf (Samhain Shifters) by Aimee Easterling
  • Dark Storm (Dragon’s Gift: The Storm Book 2) by Veronica Douglas and Linsey Hall 

Thursday 3/18

  • Tarot Academy 5: Spells of Mist and Spirit by Sarah Piper
  • Alec (Keepers Of The Lake Book 3) by Emilia Hartley
  • Grim Turmoil (HEX Unite Book 2) by Nicole Zoltack
  • Harpy’s Escape (Supernatural Retrieval Agency Book 2) by Laura Greenwood  
  • Claimed by Sin (The Gatekeeper Chronicles Book 3) by Debbie Cassidy
  • Solitary Flame (Wardens Series Book 6) by Heather D. Glidewell

  • Underworld Legacy (Blaire Thorne Book 5) by N Gray
  • The Shadow in the Glass by JJA Harwood
  • Bad Loki (Rebel Gods Book 1) by Rosemary A Johns
  • He Must Go Walk the Woods So Wild by S.L. Dove Cooper
  • Zyon (Kingdoms Of Pelas Book 1) by Michelle Frost and Michele Notaro
  • Courted (Midnight Huntress Book 2) by Piper Fox

Friday 3/19

  • Black Mage Cursed (Tournament of Mages Book 3) by Cleave Bourbon
  • Crimson Bond (The Crimson Accord Series Book 3) by Amy Patrick  
  • Curse of the Dark Prince (Prince’s Assassin Book 3) by Ariana Nash
  • Deathly Omens: Silvermoon Academy Book Four by Storm Song – RH
  • The Unexplainable Fairy Godmother (The Inscrutable Paris Beaufont Book 1) by Sarah Noffke and Michael Anderle

  • Expired: The Sundance Series Book 3.5 by C.P. Rider
  • Beta Wolf (Smoky Mountain Pack Book 2) by Lucia Ashta
  • Siren Craving (Raven Falls Cursed Romances Book 6) by R. O’Leary

Saturday 3/20

  • Ruin (Shadow Sentinels Book 3) by Karen Tomlinson
  • Fate of the Wolves (Call of the Wolf Book 7) by Adam Dark and Matthew Thrush
  • Heroes of Vallenthar: A Razvak Series Prequel by Arel B. Grant
  • Family Feud (Vampire Paranormal Romance Book 5) by Joanna Mazurkiewicz 
  • Malefica: The Malefica Series Book 1 by Audrianna Hoover

Sunday 3/21

  • Rising to Faedom (Reyna’s Blood Book 4) by Jaye Ann
  • Trick of Shadows (The Duskhunter Saga Book 2) by Sara C. Roethle
  • Banished (The Uncaged 2) by Amber Ella Monroe
  • Black Queen: Shadow (Shifters Among Us Book 2) by Lidiya Foxglove – RH
  • Still Rising by Natasha Larry , Margo Bond Collins
  • Hollow Heathens Young Adult Edition: Book of Blackwell (Tales of Weeping Hollow Young Adult Collection 1) by Nicole Fiorina