ARC REVIEW: Root Rot Academy (Term 3) by Rhea Watson

Overall: 4.5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐💫
Steam: 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Feels: 😥😟😏🔥😤⚔️😍

Shelves: Fantasy, PNR, RH, Academy romance (Professor & professor)
Location: Scottish highlands
MC age range: 20s & immortal
Lead: Alecto Clarke
Love interest(s): 🧛‍♂️🧝🧙‍♂️
POV: Multiple
Tear jerker: No
HEA: Yes

Kindle Unlimited: Yes
Paperback page count: 365
Publisher: Self published
Audible: No
Series: Yes – Root Rot Academy
1. Term 1 – released 11/12/20
2. Term 2 – released 01/25/21
3. Term 3 – released 03/31/21

~QD 🔥~
Sex/kink type: manual, oral, penetrative, anal, rough sex, BDSM, dp
Possible triggers: violence, harassment, PTSD, blood/gore, stalker, attempted rape

The Quick and Dirty: 🔥🔥🔥 ALERT! Hotness ahead! 🔥🔥🔥 Everything wraps up in the finale of the Root Rot trilogy but not before some serious drama ensues, complete with a battle, some blood and some serious heat! 

We’re reunited with Alecto and her guys and while the first part of the story really focuses on the fall-out from the last book, Rhea does a good job blending this new drama with the overarching conflict of Alecto seeking retribution for her parents’ murder. The story moved along at a good clip without sacrificing character development and I absolutely loved getting to see some different facets to Gavriel and Bjorn. While I did feel like there were a few moments wherein I wondered about what felt like plot holes, or details that may have been afterthoughts, it was a great read and my favorite book of the series. Oh, and that scene on the stairs? 100% amazing! 😍 The wait was well worth it! Soooo HOT! Loved it.


Once upon a time, I fantasized about how it would feel to ruin him.

One year ago, I lived on dreams of righteous justice.

Reality is complicated. Messy. Impractical and unpredictable.

Amidst the fallout of that horrific night in the cave, Benedict Hammond takes aim at me, my school, my reputation, and my men. Jack, Gavriel, Bjorn—no one is safe.

But he doesn’t get to win this time. Not today. Not on my watch.

Root Rot Academy has taught me so much about myself, but apparently it has one last lesson to teach…

Even with the world on fire, a monster will never stop hunting you.


Root Rot is an academy Why-Choose romance trilogy centered around the professors and faculty. It contains mature subject matter that might not be suitable for all readers.


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Rhea Watson is a Canadian reverse harem author who loves a good paranormal romance. She writes layered alpha heroes with rough exteriors who melt for their strong, independent soulmates.

In her spare time, Rhea babies her herb garden, bows to her cat’s every whim, and flies through Netflix shows like it’s her day job.